By Juhi Bansal

I am back with my first bit of 2019 for the blog. As is the tradition, here’s a snapshot of how the last year panned out for me and what I look forward to in 2019 even though I kind of feel I’ve talked too much over the last year and you may already know whatever transpired.

(You can read ver 2018, ver 2017ver 2016, ver 2015 and ver 2014 here).

CB turned 5! Also, some awesome campaigns with- Iconic Brands, H&M, Dipali Shah, Nestle, Amazon Kindle, Alpha One Mall, Divalicious, House of Furniture

Travelled a lot (even by my own standards)! Started the year in Gir, went to Udaipur twice! and then several trips big and small throughtout the year. My favourite being Israel!

Won the Chairman’s Award at Ahmedabad University. I am gloating. Yes I am because joining the Uni was a gamble on my part but I love what I get to do here- and being recognized for something I am having so much fun at- is definitely the cherry on top.

Read 43 books last year. You can check out my top 5 here.

Learnt to swim- or rather learning to swim because there is still a long way to go.

Personally, 2018 was quite rewarding as well (literally!). The husband got recognized as one of “ ET 40 under 40”, Iy turned 4 (and smarter!) and we completed a decade of marriage. Here’s some wisdom on that (in case you missed it). We decided to celebrate it by doing yet another trip (duh!) After giving it some thought we decided to visit parts of erstwhile Yugoslavia (I can see some eyerolls) but the heart wants what the heart wants am I right? Also, I had promised K some snowfall and I delivered!

As I look towards 2019, (yes, I realize it’s already two weeks into the year), I know I won’t be able to maintain the highs of 2018 but I also realize I got lucky last year, (I am not being ungrateful but a lot of what happened was plain luck) so, I am not going to ride on it. I am not setting any firm goals for 2019 because I want to try new things and take things slow this year. I do hope to travel a little more, read a few books and do some exciting work at both CB and AU. Fingers crossed!

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