By : Juhi Bansal

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If I said 2014 was a roller coaster ride, it would be a gross understatement! The year was quite eventful with some happy surprises personally and some fun articles at CB. Here’s the top exciting news for CB from 2014:

-Number of people visiting CB everyday has more than tripled in the last year! Isn’t that something? Thanks for so much love.

-We saw some amazing brand collaborations, product reviews, budding designer features and celebrity interviews.

tie ups 1024x768 - Looking Back & Looking Ahead ver 2015

Some of my favorite collaborations last year
Clockwise from left: ONLY/ Lovetobag/ Femella/ Nine Maternity/ Stalkbuylove & The Trunk Label/ Forever 21-Arancia-Steve Madden

Media mentions and features.

-New sections like Travel, Yummy Mummy and Menspeak were introduced. The Udaipur post from the Travel section is the most read post ever on the blog and is still trending!

-CB continues to scale newer heights and I have only you guys to thank for this! Started as a mere hobby, CB is now a well-recognized, self-sustaining entity and holds bigger promises in 2015!

-Personally, 2014 is the most special year for me and will remain so. This year started with K & I finding out we were expecting and culminating into the birth of little Iy.  My baby-shower was a lot of fun too!

Iy 3.5 months - Looking Back & Looking Ahead ver 2015

Little Iy at 3.5 months

All this makes me look forward to 2015 with dreamy eyes. Here’s to seeing both my babies grow bigger and more beautiful in the new year!

If 2014 was about change, 2015 is about dreaming. Dreaming and working towards realizing whatever it is. Whether it’s a new place you’ve been wanting to visit or proposing to your dream guy/girl or quitting your job for your dream cafe or working out towards a leaner/fitter you, DO IT! And if you think you’ve achieved all your dreams, time for some new ones!

Write in and tell us about your resolutions for 2015.

Stay Gorgeous xx

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