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Shoe Collaborations That You’ve Only Dreamt of!

By Sakshi Saxena (Guest Blogger) Shoes? Collaborations? And we don’t talk about ShAdidas? Well that wouldn’t be a good idea at all. This wedding season..

Shoe Crazy!, Trends

The perfect shoes for the chilly winters

By Vandita Jadeja ( Guest blogger) The best time of the year has arrived! The last month of the year brings along freezing winds and..

Outfit of the Week, Shoe Crazy!

Of Beige, Brown and Other Such

By : Juhi Bansal So, this last weekend, I realized I had had enough of colors and it was time for my dear old monochromes. Only,..

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5 shoes every Indian man should have and other tips

By : Juhi Bansal Last week I spoke about the most commonly available types of men’s shoes. As I gather from the emails…it left many of..

Menspeak, Shoe Crazy!

Shoe-valry is not dead!

By : Juhi Bansal People may not judge a book by its cover but you may definitely be judged by the shoes you are wearing. Especially..

Outfit of the Week, Shoe Crazy!, Travel

Give winters the Boot!

By : Juhi Bansal My recent trip to the US gave me a chance to 1. shop for 2. put together some really cool winter ensemble..

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Latest Crush

By : Juhi Bansal Currently making my days brighter!! Stay Gorgeous xx

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Shukriya-Shoe Crea

By : Juhi Bansal Shoes, neon, hand-painted! There…I have your attention now, don’t I? 😛 Last week, CB met up for coffee and a heart to..

Shoe Crazy!

Back to Basics

By : Juhi Bansal The most basic shoe types. How many do you have? less than 10-buck up lady! 10-15 that’s my girl! more than 15-wow,..

Shoe Crazy!

The Heel Cheat Sheet

By : Juhi Bansal Which one is your favorite? CB says the Peep Toe T strap D’orsay Platforms in a lovely bright color are must haves!..