By : Juhi Bansal

Let me get this very straight. I don’t find Ranbir Kapoor cute or handsome (hairy chest ala Anil Kapoor and butt crack notwithstanding). Having said that, I did believe in his acting prowess (case in point Rajneeti, Barfi) and hence Besharam happened. Disclaimer: I am not here to review the movie.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin! So, I ll leave that to your imagination or in case you do decide to watch it, to your nightmarish recall!

So coming to the fashion quotient of the movie. Now, we’ve all seen the previews and snippets of Besharam and frankly how much worse can it get, right? Well, RK Jr’s non-brawny physique and tapori-esque styling have a different story to tell. Each attire is worse than the last one.

rkhair 300x127 - Besharam Style Quotient(or the lack of it!)

I rest my case

Tapori styling by virtue is not tasteful yet it can be fun..remember Salman in Judwaa and Aamir in Ghulam? RK on the other hand dresses up mindlessly to say the least. He does however deserve commendation on the crazy number of sunglasses he has sported in the movie, some of them really cool!

rkyellow 300x225 - Besharam Style Quotient(or the lack of it!)

seriously RK what were you thinking!

The less I talk about Pallavi’s dressing in the movie the better it is. Get this-she belongs to a lower middle class family and works as a manager in some company. She’s struggling to make ends meet but buys a Mercedes B Class because she wants to show off to her friends. Well, who am I to judge!! What I fail to understand is is how a well-educated, Private Company employed, aptly dressed for work woman dresses up like that otherwise!! 100 marks for realistic portrayal! Patchy makeup and Punjabi suits that went out of fashion in 1998, you can all but feel pity for her. heroine yellow suit 300x169 - Besharam Style Quotient(or the lack of it!) heroine green suit 300x200 - Besharam Style Quotient(or the lack of it!) The only time she looked dressed appropriately was when she was at work. Dressed in a blue sheath, white shrug, tan pumps and a side pony tail-this is my only sartorial happy memory from the movie. (couldn’t find a pic).

heroine lehanga 300x192 - Besharam Style Quotient(or the lack of it!)

Pallavi is in the lehenga in case you missed. And the loser-looking chorus behind are the friends she was trying to show off too

PS: would it be too terrible  if I said RK Sr. and Neetu Kapoor were the better dressed couple in the movie and they were in khakhis most of the time!

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  • Reply Aditi October 3, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Was planning to watch t.he movie but now I am scared!

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