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My Struggle with Motherhood, Travel

Travelling with a Two Year Old- how to make your life easy!

By Juhi Bansal If you have a younger baby (less than a year old) this and this might be more useful. We’ve been travelling with Iy..


Brunch/ Lunch Date Makeup For Winter-y Weekends

By Ravneet Kochar (Guest Blogger) Also Read: Brows on Fleek! Maybe its just me but the idea of a lunch date or some girlie time..


4 Grooming/Make up Habits you Need to Change

By : Juhi Bansal 2014 was all about change. We talked about changing perfumes, wardrobes, work out regimes etc. Now that we are in the last..

My Struggle with Motherhood, Outfit of the Week, Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy Part-1(Random Musings)

By : Juhi Bansal I remember the exact moment K & I found out we were pregnant. We were elated but somewhere in our hearts we..


Suit Tailoring Guide for Men- Ten Tips not to be Missed!

By : Juhi Bansal Before I get on with the tailoring tips, let me begin with the most important rule for Suits. FIT IS EVERYTHING! And for..

Outfit of the Week, Trends

Stripe-tease Roaarr! (Part two-How to?)

By : Juhi Bansal Part One was all about animal stripes. The variety available in stripes, however, is so large and varied, it will take more..

Menspeak, Trends

Summer of ’14- for Men

By : Juhi Bansal From whatever little I know about men, I’ve come to realize they don’t like to set themselves apart like women do…they’d rather..

Outfit of the Week, Trends

The Curious Case of a Crop Top

By : Juhi Bansal Crop tops are an integral part of the SS’14 trends and whether we like it or not, they’re here to stay. They’ve..



written by Payal Thaker (to know more about our lovely guest blogger see here Does your makeup look patchy? Do you have visible lines after..

Health & Fitness

Run Ladies Run-Part Deux

By : Juhi Bansal Hello gorgeous women…as promised I am back with some handy tips to get you into your running shoes immediately. 1. It’s easier..


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