By : Juhi Bansal

Hello gorgeous women…as promised I am back with some handy tips to get you into your running shoes immediately.

1. It’s easier if you have a goal in mind. Register for an upcoming mini-marathon or 5K and start training. Amdavadis can register for the 6K “Dream Run” on January 5, 2014 here.

2. It’s ok if you can’t run the whole distance in one go. Alternate between running and walking and slowly increase the running distance. For eg: If you have 4 weeks to prepare for a 6K run, start with running one km alternating with half km walk. Increase this to 1.5 km run and then half km walk the next week and so on. Experiment with different ratios of running and walking throughout the week maintaining the average speed.

3. Download your favorite music. You will see that listening to the right kind of music makes running a very refreshing and unwinding exercise. Foot-tapping, loud Bollywood  type music works best for me. (I’ve come to realize it’s much easier running to Yo-Yo Honey Singh and Black Eyed Peas than “soulful” music)

4. I prefer running outside than in the gym. It gets monotonous plus you get into monitoring your readings, socializing/checking people out more than enjoying the run. Also, it’s really fun to see the sun setting/rising when you’re running. The morning breeze and the sweat you work up can really make your day.

5. Download a good running app. You can compete with friends or just keep beating your old records. Also, it helps you monitor your speed/calories lost etc. Some good free apps are: Endomondo, Nike Plus and RunKeeper.

6. Buy new gear. This is my favorite! Whether its new shoes, running shorts or even I-phone armband, something new always given a spring to my run!

If you see a friend, just nod & smile and continue to run at your pace. Soon you’ll learn to zone them out.

Hope you find these tips useful. If you have anymore tips you would like to share with us or need specific advise, do write in.

Stay Gorgeous xx

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