By : Juhi Bansal

I remember the exact moment K & I found out we were pregnant. We were elated but somewhere in our hearts we were also very very scared. It had always been the two of us….as much as we were looking forward to hosting a teeny-tiny being in our lives, we couldn’t stop questioning our preparedness for the same. I guess that’s why you get 9 months! Every day of the 40 weeks or so proves to be a new experience….everyday you inch a little bit closer to being parents.

As much as I would like to say that it’s a roller-coaster ride for both the parents, the truth is that the mommy bears most of the brunt. Whether its coping with the physical changes, morning sickness, mood swings, tiredness or the happy feelings- the first kicks, heartbeat and movements of the baby. Everybody you meet will keep telling you to be happy always-which is good advice mind you! Pregnant or not…..being happy always is the key, isn’t it?

But, we are all human after all. We can’t always be happy. It’s ok to have a sad moment every now and then. You are coping with a lot and it’s only natural to break down at times. I’ve had a pregnancy full of happy moments evenly sprinkled with the sad ones. Sometimes, you feel down for no reason at all….remember it shall pass!

Dress: Nine Maternity (shop here)

Dress: Nine Maternity (shop here)

Here are a few tricks on how you can be happy most of the time during your pregnancy. These worked for me but may not for you. Try and draw up a list for yourself because nine months is a long journey and you want to make the most of it.

-First of all, accept that you can’t always be happy. There are maid problems, work problems, general problems…you are bound to be stressed about things!

-Make the most of the second trimester! It is a boon! Your morning sickness is gone, you can enjoy your food now, you can still fit into your old clothes more or less, your hormones are making your skin glow and hair shine and you suddenly have more energy for everything. (Plus no restrictions in the bedroom!). This is also when you are allowed to travel out of town (seek your OB/GYN’s permission) so do a couple of long weekend babymoons close by or get the husband to play hooky at work and go on a long-ish vacation abroad.

-If you’ve always worked out pre-pregnancy, there is no reason why you can’t continue working out now. Ofcourse you will have to make some changes in your regime but it’s a great way to unwind. Plus you feel fitter. I was always into Yoga so I continued with that (with my gynaec’s permission). I did have to cut back on running but walking every evening made up for it.

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-Involve the husband as much as you can. Remember for him the baby is still nothing more than a notion. He can’t feel the movements like you do. But, do keep talking about your experiences, cravings, mental state with him. Take him baby shopping with you, join pre-natal classes together. You may even want to go on walks together. Also, don’t always make the conversation about the baby. It started with the two of you and it should always be the two of you first.

Also, there is nothing that is off bounds for the dads! (not even nursing the baby-we have breasts pumps for that now!) so don’t let ANYONE tell you what is a mother’s job and what is the father’s!

-Don’t feel guilty for wanting to have some “me” time. You are still yourself. Indulge in whatever interests you-reading, eating, watching movies, getting pedicures. You’ve earned it!

-Apart from the Baby Center news letters (which come in very handy!), Google, informative books and your own Gynaec, you need a care-giver/confidante to be able to speak to or ask stupid questions you are too ashamed to ask anyone else. I found the perfect person in Binaifer @ Hot Momz!

-You may have to make some adjustments at work. Don’t let it bog you down. Your capacity to run around and take up work cannot be the same as before but don’t let your employers make you feel guilty for it. For people like me who are freelancers- I didn’t tell my clients that I was pregnant (ofcourse I made sure they know I won’t be available for a few months this year). It didn’t make any difference in my quality of work (most of my work is sedentary) and I didn’t have to make any unnecessary compromises.

-The last and most important tip-“DON’T SHORT CHANGE YOURSELF”. If you like to dress up, there is no reason why you should stop doing it just because you are pregnant. Don’t let anyone tell you how to dress up or change the way you are!

Dress: Nine Maternity Turquoise Pendant Collar: Khan Market, Delhi Coral Peeptoes: Charles & Keith

Dress: Nine Maternity
Turquoise Pendant Collar: Khan Market, Delhi
Coral Peeptoes: Charles & Keith

I will soon come up with an article on some maternity fashion tips. Stay Tuned!

Do write in to me with your specific experiences. Would love to hear about them. 🙂

Stay Gorgeous Mommies-to-be xx

Pics Courtesy: Marvel Christian

Outfit Courtesy: Nine Maternity


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