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From whatever little I know about men, I’ve come to realize they don’t like to set themselves apart like women do…they’d rather blend in. But, like I said before, 2014 is all about experimenting, taking risks and trying atleast one new thing in your life.


Most men I know (including K) hate to experiment with their dressing and rightly so. It takes a lot of “chutzpah” to wear something other men (sometimes even women) find tacky or outlandish. A little courage and cajoling can do wonders though (as I see in K’s case every time). 🙂


As promised, I present to you the Spring Summer 2014 trends for men. I have mellowed them down to suit the Indian men’s taste plus worked out some handy tips on how to get started.



The colour pallette for men this season largely remains the same (shades of black, blue and white) with a couple of surprises-yellow and red!

Colours of SS'14

Colours of SS’14


Quick Tip for the trend

Ease into the colours slowly by introducing them into your casual/leisure wear first, then evening wear and lastly into your work wear. Try pastel reds, pinks and yellows with your dark suits at work in the form of shirts and ties. You could also experiment with shoes in bright shades of blue and yellow.


Double Breasted Jackets

Another surprise entrant to the SS’14 trend is the long forgotten double-breasted jacket. Since, it’s a tried and tested one, I am sure many of you would not shy away from  it.

Double Breasted Suits

Double Breasted Suits


Quick tip for the trend

Do keep in mind that they are not a replacement to your must have everyday work suits. But, they do make for an interesting and smart wear for that special work event or formal dinner.

Get a double breasted suit in a dark shade, especially to hide any paunch. Always keep it buttoned until you sit down.

Remember, double breasted suits are a statement in themselves and need not be striped or patterned.


Florals & Prints

Whether its aztecs, geometricals, photographic or florals, prints have been in trend since the last couple of seasons. Another trend most men are either not comfortable with, do not know how to experiment with (except for the occasional stripes and checks) or often end up overdoing it.

Does Arjun Kapoor manage to pull off the floral shirt?

Does Arjun Kapoor manage to pull off the floral shirt?


Ranveer Singh is the king of experiments. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't

Ranveer Singh (in a paisley print shirt here) is the king of experiments. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t


Quick tip for the trend

Team floral shirts with neutral colour blocked jackets and printed shirts or blazers with plain trousers to break the look. It’s not necessary to wear florals in bright colours, you can start off with neutral shades. You may even try printed/floral ties and pocket squares to get started with the trend at work.


Nehru Jackets

Making a grand comeback on the Indian runways this season is the Nehru Jacket or shall we call it the “NaMo” Jacket ;).

Indian designers and their interpretation of the Nehru Jacket

Indian designers and their interpretation of the Nehru Jacket


Quick tip for the trend

Nehru jackets are versatile enough to go with kurta pajamas, churidaars and even trousers. Try them in a bright shade of red or yellow with a contrast pocket square.


Denim on Denim

Double denims were considered a fashion faux pas for the longest time with ridicule following anyone who wore them (including celebrities). Cut to the present, major fashion shows around the world gave in to its popularity and showcased this trend as a major one this season!

different ways of doing denims

different ways of doing double denims


Quick tip for the trend

The best and the most effective way to pull off double denims is by selecting contrasting top and bottom. The difference in wash will take the attention away from the similarity of the fabric.

Inject a little colour by playing with the accessories-shoes, sunglasses or watch.


Hope you find the recap of SS’14 trends useful. Do write into me for specific brand and styling queries. Also, don’t forget to read my article on men’s shoes.


Stay Handsome 🙂


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