By : Juhi Bansal

Before I get on with the tailoring tips, let me begin with the most important rule for Suits. FIT IS EVERYTHING! And for precisely this reason, make sure your suits are tailored as per your measurements and not bought off the shelf. If you are one of those men who’ve never gotten a suit tailor-made….you’re missing something fabulous as far as styling goes! Give tailoring a try and I can assure you, you’ll never go back to buying ready-made suits again.

Like Barney Stinson would say-Suit up!

Like Barney Stinson would say-Suit up!

So, now that we’ve established the importance of tailoring, here are some handy tips for your tailor:

1. Shoulders: Make sure the shoulders of your jacket fit just right. A little loose and you’ll end up looking stocky.

2. Length:  Ranveer Singh may be able to pull it off but shorter jackets and boardrooms don’t exactly gel. Make sure your jacket is long enough to atleast graze your thumb knuckle. Any shorter and your middle would look heavier.

3.Size:  How loose should the jacket be? You should be able to exactly put a fist between your chest and the fabric when buttoned.

4. Length of the Sleeves: The sleeve length of the jacket should be such that about half an inch of your cuff is visible.

5. Trousers Waist: You should be able to fit one finger into the waistband of your trousers comfortably.

6. Length: The break of the pants should be such that it doesn’t gather or slouch at your shoes. They should start somewhere around your navel.

7. Tie Length and Style: It should just about reach the middle of your belt. If you are short, wear slimmer ties to give the illusion of a broader torso and vice versa.

8. Collar: If you are going sans tie, wear a shirt with smaller collar. Choose a bigger collar if you go with a tie.

9. Three-Piece Suits: They are back in fashion this season! And contrary to popular belief, the waistcoat, cut close to the body and resting on the belt-

line, will make you look slimmer.

10. Tags & Labels: Make sure the tags and labels on the jacket sleeve are taken off to save you from unnecessary embarrassment.


Some men from the show-biz who know how to rock the formal look.

Bradley Cooper knows style like no one else!

Bradley Cooper knows style like no one else!


Our very own Stylish Men from Bollywood

Our very own Stylish Men from Bollywood


Hope the tips would come in handy next time you go suit shopping. See earlier articles on picking the right shoes, 5 shoes every Indian man should have and the Spring Summer ’14 trends for men.

Do write in to me for specific and personalized queries.

Stay Handsome 🙂




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