By : Juhi Bansal

2014 was all about change. We talked about changing perfumes, wardrobes, work out regimes etc. Now that we are in the last week of the year (can’t believe the year has breezed by already!), here are some quick changes that will go a long way in your physical and emotional being.

1. Kohl Eyes

I know kohl is what sets the Indian girls apart. I was an addict myself. I like almost every girl around me felt that without my kohl my eyes look tired and drowsy. I was a slave to it quite literally. And then one day I decided to give it up. Just like that! A week later, I realized I liked my non-kohled eyes better. So, do it. Get rid of your black kohl pencils. Not only do they make your eyes look smaller (especially if you wear it on your water line), they highlight your under eye bags and circles.

Switch to eye liners for your eye lids. If you really feel you need something for your lower lash lines, try colored pencils in brown, turquoise and white.

2. Hair Cuts

Nothing spells change better than a drastic hair cut. When I visit the salon, I hear girls around me telling their stylists to only cut their hair from the front and leave the “length” as is. Now, what fun is that? Go for a long bob or lob this season-it’s so much in vogue or get a perm or dye your hair a fun color!

I get tired of the same hair so I decided to chop it off a couple of weeks ago. Like it? It does give my face an all new look

I get tired of the same hair so I decided to chop it off a couple of weeks ago. Like it? It does give my face an all new look

3. Nail Paints

This piece of advice may seem unnecessary to most but I only bring it up because I still see a lot of people around me go on for days with chipped nail paint. This is as big a turn off as can be. Replace your nail paint immediately (i mean immediately) if and when it chips. Don’t apply another layer because it will only make it look crooked.. Take it off completely and then apply a fresh coat. I’d suggest carrying a bottle in your bag for a quick fix if it happens when you are out and about, but once you are back home you must mend it immediately. Glitters are really in specially the ones with a rough finish.

4. Lip Colors

Now have I convinced you enough over the last few months to change your age old trusty lip colors for a spot of bright red and fuchsia? (Hope you follow these steps while applying lipstick). A lot of my family and friends believe they look nice in one particular color and use it on every outfit and occasion. But since 2014 was about change, I did see a lot of them making an effort to try the bright reds and pinks. If you are in that category, I would urge you to go a step ahead and experiment with oxblood, lavender and purple. Yes! they are very in and I am sure you’ll fall in love with the new you. 🙂

If you need any advice on brands and shades, write in as always.

Will see you in the New Year 🙂

Stay Gorgeous xx

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