By Pratibha Soni & Priyanka Chopra.

Hello CB readers,

As we promised in the previous baby shower post, here we are, with the concluding post, to tell you all about the fun we had, the games we played and all the pictures we clicked at the actual party!!

All the lovely ladies in cream!

All the lovely ladies in cream!


To know the details of Juhi’s outfit check here.


Planning games for a baby shower is always tricky since it involves the participation of all the people. Most importantly, they must enjoy! We surfed the net and thanks to all those wonderful blogs, we were able to dig out a few unique and fun games.

And at the risk of sounding like we are blowing our own trumpet, we would have to say that the games were super creative, beautifully designed and supremely engaging!

We think everyone’s favorite was ‘Pin the Sperm’! It took some effort to design the whole board but by the end of it, it looked nice! We got all of our guests blind folded and instructed them to pin the sperm to the egg which was placed on an artist’s board. We did have 2-3 lucky winners who pinned the sperm bang on the lucky egg!

We had never seen so much uninhibited laughter around the “V” word as we witnessed that day!


Then came ‘Balloon Baby’, where the participants were given cloth napkins (à la diapers) which they had to wrap around a balloon with the help of  a safety pin without bursting it. You could easily separate the experts from the novices by the end of it!


Next was ‘Clay Babies’, where the guests were provided with clay and they had to shape a baby out of it. A lot of funny babies, beautiful babies, red babies, naked babies and diapered babies later, Juhi was asked to pick the winning crafts-mom and this made a grand gift of the entire collection of babies (which we learnt later were all turned into one big colorful ball of clay by her adorable nephew Yug!). To check out the pic click here.

We played the popular “Guess The Mom-to-be’s Girth” game, where everyone was given a string and they had to guess Juhi’s girth. We did have one guest who came very close but many of us were way off. Some measurements could have fit half a dozen Juhi’s in them!

Clockwise: Pin the sperm, measuring the girth, clay babies and balloon babies.

Clockwise: Pin the Sperm, Measuring the Girth, Clay Babies and Balloon Baby.


The final games were an acid test for all involved mommies and aspirants to the involved mommy title. Everyone was given a sheet with incomplete nursery rhymes and jumbled up names of baby articles. It was immensely amusing to see how badly we all struggled and how innovatively we came up with excuses for our knowledge (or lack thereof!)


We also played, “guess the gestation time”. Well that was difficult for everyone, but they were pleasantly surprised when they found out the gestation times of so many animals.


Photo Booth

The memories of any party are cherished by the pictures we click and to add a twist to the conventional photographs, we planned for a photo booth with mad props, silly captions et al!! We had callout props saying “coming soon”, “keep calm and just push”, “here comes trouble” etc.

Photobooth memories.

Photobooth memories.


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Lovely ladies having fun!!

Picture perfect!!

The Lovely Guests



Picture Perfect!!


Juhi's Sisters

Juhi’s Sisters

Main Course

A lot of thought and attention to detail had gone into planning every minor aspect of the shower, and the food was after all one of the major highlights. It deserved its fair share of careful deliberation. We are Indians after all and we love to ensure that our guests go back with happy tummies!  Given that the baby shower was a late afternoon affair, we decided that a high tea menu would be the most appropriate. We went the entire gamut from wanting to cook everything ourselves to give the gastronomic experience a personal touch, to getting the best of restaurants to cater at the event. After a lot of confusion and back and forthing, we realized that it was impractical to want to cook for 30 guests, because that would mean that we would be so busy cooking and supervising the food, that we would have no time to let our hair down and fully participate in the shower.

Now that we knew that we wanted to outsource the food, the question was who to outsource it to. The final caterer shortlist had Falafel Express, Pepparazzi and Good Food Hospitality. The winner was Good Food Hospitality based on the menu (Mexican) and the willingness to work on our terms.  Refreshing Green Apple Mojitos were served in elegant glasses to all our guests as they arrived to help them beat the heat.  Jalapeno, Spinach and Corn cheese balls and Broccoli, Cottage Cheese and Mexican Beans Baskets kept energy levels high during the fun and frolic of the games. After the games were played and the cake was cut , the videos oohed and aahed over and the photographs with the glowing mom-to-be-taken, we were ready for another round.


“You can order cakes online to ensure you get a custom cake for the baby shower.”*

The yummy cake!!

The Yummy cake and the video sharing with Juhi.


Quesidillas and Tacos served in beautiful bone china plates came next. The highlight of the evening’s food experiences was the absolutely mouthwatering and deeply satisfying hidden gem -kala jamun icecream (minus the heavy cream) courtesy Fowzia Hawa of Fruitice. After all it is not everyday that 30 supremely weight conscious gorgeous ladies get to indulge in dessert without the guilt of busting their cumulative caloric intake for the week!  When the numbers for both our food experts (Good Food Hospitality by Tejas Desai and Fruitice by Fowzia Hawa ) were shared many times over with all our guests, we knew that all the planning had been a big success J.

the Caterers in the Background

the Caterers in the Background


So Much Fun!!

So Much Fun!!

Wow! So much fun reminiscing about the party and all the laughter. Hope you like the pictures and our preparations. So, see you all when Juhi has her next baby (wink!).

Stay Gorgeous xx


Picture Courtesy

Harsh Limbachia (Stereography)

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