By : Juhi Bansal

In Part 1, I spoke about some general styling tips for those beautiful nine months when you can show your curves without feeling guilty.

In Part-2, I will discuss some specific work and leisure dressing tips that are both comfortable and stylish.

For Work:

Now, it mostly depends on your corporate dress code but most offices have a formal dressing policy for weekdays and business casuals for Fridays (and also Saturdays in some cases).

  • Trimester 1 will breeze by in no time and you can mostly continue wearing your earlier outfits as you do not really put on weight in the first few weeks.
  • Trimester 2 is a little tricky because you are not really showing and depending on whether you’ve declared your pregnancy at work or not, you will need to decide your outfits. If you plan to be discreet about it, wearing loose one pieces, maternity pants and regular blouses or even salwar kurtas in one size bigger than your usual will work. Always make sure that your bottoms are maternity wear to support your growing tummy and also minimize your nausea.
  • When should you really go maternity wear shopping? I did my maternity wear shopping by the end of trimester 2 when I really started showing. But, my advice to you is, start your shopping as soon as your bump becomes visible especially the bottoms and the inner wear for your own comfort.
  • Trimester 3 is when you should really go out shopping for maternity clothes if you haven’t so far.  Bottoms like trousers, skirts, leggings and churidaars should ideally be bought sometime in the second trimester because the same size can be used in your third trimester as well as a couple of months well after your delivery too.
  • For weekdays, Skirts, trousers, one pieces, salwars-the options are unlimited!
  • For Fridays, try maternity denims or skirts paired with casual blouses and funky jewelry.
IMG 7605 1024x682 - Yummy Mummy-Style Tips Part 2

I mostly wore skirts and trousers to work but styled them differently with regular blouses and shirts

skirt pic - Yummy Mummy-Style Tips Part 2

Blouse: Nine Maternity Wear (Buy)
Skirt: Motherhood Maternity (Buy)
Necklace: Urban Turban(Buy)
Laptop Bag: Giordano
Footwear: ZARA


For Leisure:

Again trimester 1 will breeze by in your existing wardrobe and you don’t really need to shop much.

For Trimester 2 and 3 I would suggest that you atleast pick up a pair of maternity jeans or capris if you are like me and cannot do without your denims at all. These will come in handy even after you’ve delivered too because you may take some time to get back into your original size.

When you are picking up dresses and tops, try and pick up stuff that can double as nursing wear too because you would need a lot of such outfits for a long time after you’ve delivered.

For Workout:

Do not take this lightly! Always workout in proper maternity workout gear. Again, you can continue using this even after you’ve delivered. Yoga pants, running shorts or aerobics capris-take your pick.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Buy judiciously. Have at least 3-4 different bottom wears for maternity. This will last you your entire pregnancy and the first few months post delivery as well.
  • One pieces and top wear can be your regular brands in bigger sizes but do not forget to stock up on nursing wear.
  • Switch to maternity inner wear as soon as you can.
  • A little make up & accessorizing and you can feel like a million bucks even on your bad hair and skin days 🙂


Some pics from my maternity wear shoot. I wore these outfits to both work and evening out with friends or K.

pink dress - Yummy Mummy-Style Tips Part 2

Dress: Nine Maternity Wear (Buy)
Click on the pic for full styling details


blue dress - Yummy Mummy-Style Tips Part 2

Dress: Nine Maternity Wear (Buy)
Click on the pic for full styling details


Do write in to me for specific styling queries as always.

Stay Gorgeous xx


Pics: Marvel’s Photography by Marvel Christian

Outfits: Nine Maternity Wear (this may well be your best bet for maternity and nursing wear shopping in India)

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