By : Juhi Bansal

The last time I was this excited about something was when I was getting married (and probably my b’days every year 🙂 .

I have a wonderful bunch of friends! Every year they try and make my b’days special (and how they succeed!). So, when I didn’t hear any baby shower murmur, I knew it was just the silence before the storm and some planning is underway. Finally, they did broach the topic- only to get the date approved and get a broad guest list for me. I wasn’t told anything else. Food, venue, budget, logistics…nothing at all!

They however, told me to get my outfit in place, since that was something they were willing to let me work upon :).

What was heartening was to see each one of my friends dressed according to the theme-it was white/cream accessorized with yellow & green. Each one of them had taken a lot of pains to look their best for my special day!

My sisters came in from all over the country to be with me. My out of town friend who is extremely close to me made it a point to get her tickets done a month in advance and show up for a few hours for the shower. All this and the detailed planning and awesome execution by my friends (Pratibha & Priyanka) made the shower my most cherished memory ever!

So, coming to what I wore for the party. Since, it was supposed to be a day event I decided to go with a bright color. All through my pregnancy, specially in the last trimester, I have preferred non-monochromatic shades. After all, I have every reason to not feel guilty about the visible curves in bright colors.

After much deliberaton, I zeroed in on this pretty fuchsia pink fabric in georgette. (It also was a dead giveaway on what my answer for “What’s it gonna bee” is 🙂 ).

I got hold of my very talented designer friend Gira Zaveri of Cocoa Ribbons to do the outfit for me. She’s always understood what I want (even when I am unable to express it in words) and does an awesome job for me. Even with my baby shower outfit, she understood, designed and got the dress ready for me in 7 days!

Since, the color was so eye catchy, I decided to go minimalistic with my accessories and limited them to muted gold. My accessories included contemporary kundan ear-rings, a swarovski stone hairband (almost akin to a tiara) & matching bangle, gold clutch and gold gladiator flats.  A token blue ring and blue eye shadow (for the other possibility 🙂 ) finished my look.

Dress: Gira Zaveri Clutch: Kokommo Bangle: Jaipur Footwear: Charles & Keith

Dress: Gira Zaveri
Clutch: Kokommo
Bangle: Jaipur
Footwear: Charles & Keith

Blue ring: From Jaipur

Blue ring: From Jaipur

Kundan Ear-rings: Vinanti Manji

Kundan Ear-rings: Vinanti Manji

Hairband: From Jaipur

Hairband: From Jaipur

The back! Kundan Ear-rings: Vinanti Manji

The back!

Did you like my outfit and styling for the shower? Do write in to me as always.

Stay Gorgeous xx

Pic Courtesy:

Harsh Limbachia (Stereography)

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