By : Juhi Bansal

I am not a makeup person. Definitely not as much as I am an outfit or a shoe person. But, I do like to wear some every now and then.

I’ve come a long way as far as my cosmetics go. From a kohl pencil & lip gloss to a vanity bag full of new and experimental stuff….I love my stash :). So, today, I am going to share with you five makeup gems that can change your look completely from the girl next door to a diva. Some of them I’ve picked up from my travels, some locally…but they work like magic!


1. Lip Plumper/Inflator: Before you smirk at the idea of CB suggesting a collagen injection for your lips, check out the picture. All I am talking about is the “Lip Inflation Gloss” from Sally Hansen which gives you the perfect bee stung lips ! You can apply this as is or over your lipstick. Do I see you pouting already ;).

Psst: Do you follow these steps while applying lipstick?

Lip Inflation by Sally Hansen

Lip Inflation by Sally Hansen (Buy)


2. Primer: We’ve talked about the importance of primer in makeup here. Let me just reiterate by saying that without primer, not only is your makeup incomplete, it will not stay as long and look flawless as you would like it to. Invest in a good primer and apply it every SINGLE time. Unlike, other products, this one is not optional.

The best primer you can invest in is Porefessional by Benefit. You could also try Bodyshop or INGLOT.


Porefessional by Benefit

Porefessional by Benefit (Buy)



3. False Lash Mascara: Mascara is another important item you should never give a miss to. It defines your lashes, gives them length and brings out your eyes. So even if you decide to go easy on eye makeup, never ever let the mascara be. My favorite mascara is the False Lash Telescopic one from L’oreal which cost me less than USD 10! This one has not been introduced in India yet but you could try the False Lash Architect Mascara by L’oreal for a very similar effect. (buy here). Also, before applying the mascara, give your lashes a little curl using an eye lash curler. See how to use one here.


False Lash Telescopic Mascara by L'oreal Paris

False Lash Telescopic Mascara by L’oreal Paris


4. Translucent Loose Powder: Use translucent powder to finally set your make up in place. This is what “finishes” your makeup. Carry it with you in your purse and keep reapplying every couple of hours so your make up stays as good as new. Take a little in your brush, shake the excess and dust it all over your face. You can also use it instead of foundation on days your skin is feeling fresh and good. Always apply the powder using a powder brush rather than the puff for an even and glorious finish. I use the loose powder from INGLOT (and also the powder brush) and it is pretty good.


Loose Powder by INGLOT and the magic brush!

Loose Powder by INGLOT and the magic brush!


5. Skin Wipes: There is a particular reason why I avoid putting makeup. I hate to take it off! It takes hours and when you are back from a night of partying, cleaning your face is the last thing on your mind. This is how I deal with it- I use the Johnson’s Baby Wipes to take my make up off. So, all I do is carry the packet with me to bed, lie down and gently wipe every corner of my face. For eyes I use the Johnson’s Baby Lotion on a cotton bud. Once, my make up comes off, I get up (reluctantly) and carry on with my CTM routine. But, believe me, this is so much better than using a makeup remover on your skin. (it’s gentler and quicker). Try it the next time and you’ll never hate wearing (and taking off) make up again!


Johnson Baby Wipes

Johnson Baby Wipes


Did you like the post? Next up will be an article on common makeup brushes and their TLC. Till then keep writing in as always.


Stay Gorgeous xx

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