By : Juhi Bansal

I often get mails telling me I never feature sarees and other Indian wear on CB. In fact, a lot of partner brands and designers feel the same! Just to rejig your memories (and mine), I have worn Indian outfits here, here, here and here.

I, however agree that ethnic is not my first outfit of choice while dressing up for any event. In fact, even for weddings, I try to give my traditional wear a slightly contemporary look. (Check it out here and here).

While growing up, like any other little girl from my time, I would look forward to a cousin’s wedding just so I would be allowed to wear a saree. I remember spending hours in front of my mum’s closet to pick that perfect saree for my school farewell.

And then B-school happened! Salwar suits and sarees were our staple and compulsory wear in campus. We weren’t even allowed jeans in classroom, let alone other modern outfits. Such was the horror of our then Director, my mother won’t let me carry anything apart from salwars and sarees lest I get expelled! I remember wearing a patiala salwar to our welcome party <cringe!> and pretty much every other dance party and get together for the first year. We were expected to wear sarees so often and most times on a very short notice, there was a time (in campus) when I could wear a silk saree in 60 secs flat! (yes I had timed myself). So, well that put me off Indian wear completely.

I was recently invited to be on the panel of Education Times’ Career Guidance Seminar Series in Ahmedabad (to talk about Entrepreneurship no less!). Although my first go to attire for such an event would be a skirt and jacket, I decided to wear a saree because I needed a change . (also because nothing else fits :)).

This saree is very close to my heart- it’s one of the only 3 sarees I’ve ever bought in my life and was my first expensive purchase after I started earning, I am simply in love with this Italian crepe, half-and-half gorgeousness from Satya Paul. Can you believe it is atleast 8 years old! The style is still so much in vogue.


Oh! the deep colours and the soft fabric

Oh! the deep colours and the soft fabric

The pallu

The pallu


The Dholki bead necklace from Amrapali Jewels

Dholki bead necklace from Amrapali Jewels

Let me give the saree one last fluff!

Let me give the saree one last fluff!

Oh! btw…there is no foundation or concealer on my face…I am on a total detox spree!

Saree: Satya Paul (2007)

Dholki Bead Necklace: Amrapali Jewels

Watch: Guess

Peeptoes Pumps: Charles & Keith

Did you like my saree? Do write in as always 🙂

Stay Gorgeous xx


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