By Maitri Patel (Team CB)

My dad always believed in the words that fashion fades away, but style never does and throughout his life, he has lived by them. He has always been Mr perfectionist (well almost :P) with his pair of shoes, his sunglasses, his watches, his blazers, practically everything he owns.

Today, I’m so glad he did. Compelled by my habit (or hobby :D), I was just going through various lookbooks of some bands, to put together in my little black book for what’s the trend for sunglasses for 2015. That’s when I realised my dad owns more than half of those styles and that some of them are even older than I am!! 😮

Well, after all these realisations, I present to all my handsome readers, the page from my little black book with styles from the 1900’s 😉 –

Before you hope on all the styles that will be making a statement this summer, it is absolutely necessary for you to take note of two very important points. One, identify the frame shape that best suits your face type. And two, for sunglasses are generally made ‘one size for all’, not all designs compliment different facial features.


Tortoiseshell Classics-

A tortoiseshell is an ageless classic while considering color and material of your pair of sunglasses. It can be easily paired with everything ranging from a casual floral shirt to a formal button down shirt over chinos and loafers.

Versatile Tortoise Shell


Coloured Trend-

If you want to make a statement and are cool with bold experiment, go for contrast coloured lenses in thin but strong frames in sunshine yellow, fire engine red or bright blue. Or else you can opt for mirrored or dark lenses combined with clear acetate frames.

Im sure these bold options will never fail to garner attention.

Coloured Sunnies


All Black-

Another versatile look offering a contemporary substitute to both, tortoiseshell as well as coloured frames, is the all black (frame and lens) look.

Keyhole frames and wayfarer particularly look sleek in monochrome.

all black- Monochromes

Round Frames or the Lennons-

This trend from the 1920’s and 30’s will provide you with a vintage and versatile look for almost every formal to casual occasions. As it does not cover your entire face it will enhance your facial features and yet provide you with a gentle look.

1920's Round Frames

The D-Frames –

These frames generate the perfect combination of a retro and a contemporary look. A D shaped frame can be well distinguished from the rest with a sharp straight slice on the top of the rims. These frames radiate a sharp and no nonsense look.

Straight To Business D-Frames


So, that’s all that you need to stand out from the crowd this summer. Always remember a cherry picked pair of sunglasses is a simple accessory that can completely transform your look.


Stay hooked for more. Until then, stay handsome.

Looking forward to hear about your experiments and experiences, so write in as usual 🙂

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