By Pranshuta Arora (Team CB)

And the first edition of Rajasthan Heritage Week just concluded. Designers of national and international stature came together to commemorate the handmade fabrics which belong to the state of Rajasthan.

The Government of Rajasthan and Khadi Board collaborated with Prasad Bidapa Associates to organize and present the event which highlighted contemporary luxury and the rich heritage of our country.

Khadi which is woven primarily from cotton, and other precious handwoven fabrics were presented on the ramp in a very different and unique way. The designers crafted kaftans, dresses and what not out of this heritage fabric. Every single design was a treat to watch.

The event was attended by some of the biggies of the industry including Rohit Bal, Shobhaa De. Even the list of participants had some really big names like Bibi Russell (Bangladesh), Hemant Trevedi, Ritu Kumar and certain other big shots of the industry.

The event was an initiative taken by The Government of Rajasthan in assocciation with Prasad Bidapa Associates.

So, I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Day 1

Bibi Russell



The Day 1 of the gala event was opened by BiBi Russell’s (who is an internationally acclaimed designer from Bangladesh) bright line.

Her designs depicted her love for Rajasthan. Everything from head to toe was handmade in Rajasthan truly justifying the concept of the event.

Skirts, saris, kurtas, dhotis, pants and shawls were all accessorized with handmade earrings, belts, and head gears which left everyone astounded.

Jason & Anshu



Next in line were Jason & Anshu who own the brand “Smallshop”. It was a mix of men and women wearing very casual but still very classy clothes made of heritage fabrics..




Kaaryah is a focused and independent thinking woman and this was also stated by her truly inspiring designs. She showcased a line that was a vibrant combination of modern and traditional style.

Ajai Vir Singh


Ajai Vir Singh, the Sri Lankan designer, displayed all men’s collection made with khadi. The beauty of his designs lay in the simplicity of his designs.

Pallavi Jaipur

Pallavi Jaipur1

Pallavi Jaipur2

The finale was a line by the local designer Pallavi Murdia. She showed some mirror work, aari tari, zardozi, dabka, resham, mukaish, gota patti along with beads, crystals and sequins in spirited colors. Her collection brought the glamour factor to the event.

Day 2

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar2 (1)

Ritu Kumar 1

Day 2 began with exquisite designs by the very talented Ritu Kumar. She presented an exclusive line of fabrics in a contemporary way. We don’t really need to say much about her, her designs say it all.

Tara Aslam

Nature Alley1

Nature Alley3

Tara Aslam has been promoting khadi at her store in Bangalore by the name of Nature Alley. Her collection presented modern day patchwork which draws from the intrinsic crafts, and twisted it for the global traveler.

Asif Shah

Asif Shah1

Asif Shah2

A renowned name in the fashion industry, Asif Shah’s collection was inspired by ethnicity and the rich culture and history of his home state Madhya Pradesh.

Puja Arya

Pujaarya1 (2)

The NIFTian’s designs comprised of hand block printed fabrics cut out into international silhouettes.

Hemant Trevedi

Hemant Trevedi

Hemant Trevedi 3

A Design Professor, Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Choreographer and one of country’s first Fashion Designers, Hemant Trevedi is the Fashion Director at Sheetal Clothing.

At the RHW, Hemant displayed a fusion line made with khadi which offered a very modernistic approach to the heritage fabric. His collection was an extensive use of block printed and vegetable dyed hand loom.

Day 3

Abraham & Thakore

A&T menswear1

IMG_6513 copy

Abraham & Thakore presented an exclusive collection at the event. It was mix of pants, tunics, skirts and jackets made with textiles which have been created by the craftsmen of Rajasthan.

Rta Kapur Chisti

Rta Kapoor Chishti 3

Rta Kapoor Chishti 2 (1)

Rta Kapur Chishti, a renowned textile scholar, co author and editor of “Saris of India” showcased beautiful line of hand woven saris. A very unique thing about her show was the different styles of draping the very traditional sari.

Lars Andersson

Lars Anderson3

The Swedish born designer, Lars Andersson prepared an absolute collection made with finest quality khadi.

Pavithra Muddaya

Vimor2 (1)

Pavithra, the 2nd generation of the popular label VIMOR of Bangalore, presented her signature line which encompassed the revival of the forgotten handmade motifs such as rose water sprinklers, sheafs of paddy, etc.

Rohit & Abhishek

Rohit & Abhishek2 (1)

Rohit & Abhishek are known for introducing a new collection every season. Their collection at the RHW was an all men’s wear collection made of  khadi which was inspired by the royal garb.

Jaipur modern

Jaipur Modern 4

Jaipur Modern 5

The 3 day event was concluded by the local label Jaipur Modern. The collection was created to depict the way the label adapts itself according to the changing needs of the society along with keeping up the traditional work on khadi.

Picture credits- Tara McManus (Except Ajai Vir Singh’s image)




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