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For a woman everything in her wardrobe is essential so expecting one to make a list of a measly 4 is downright cruel. However, when I got down to making a list (with an imaginary gun to my head), these 4 items won hands down. These staples in their simplest form are already a part of every fashionista’s closet. So, I decided to list the essentials with a twist. Stuff that you don’t mind duplicating even if you already own it simply because IT’s Different!

Skinny Distressed Jeans– Who doesn’t need a pair of denim! Who doesn’t own a pair of denim!And more importantly, who doesn’t need a second or a third pair of denim! This has got to be the single most useful piece of clothing ever invented. While picking your perfect pair of jeans you should keep two things in mind. One- it should fit you like a dream. (An ill-fitted denim is every girl’s worst nightmare). Two- it should be extremely comfortable (enough for you to sleep in it!). Get the perfect pair here.


A Button DownShirt– Everyone owns a crisp white shirt. It’s time to mix things up a bit with a fun button down like this one. Wear it tucked in with a black skirt to work or with jeans for a casual day out. Sling it over a spaghetti top or jumpsuit and you’re ready to paint the town red (or blue in this case!).


An LPD (not LBD)-Raise your hand if you don’t own an LBD. Ofcourse you do! Everyone in town does. And that’s why you need a Litte Party Dress that is not black. Something for you to have a little fun in. How about blue or beige?



A ShirtDress– You need a day dress as much as you need an evening one. Thispiece of clothing is extremely Dressing it up with heels and an updo for a high tea or down with booties and a neck piece to get you stylishly through a busy day. You can even throw it on as a long shrug over your denims or shorts or another dress for that extra oomph!


You can get hold of all these staples and much more at Fab Alley is not your run-of-the-mill fashion estore. If you are someone who likes her personal style more than the flavour of the season, who doesn’t believe in the norm, who likes creating her own rules, who’s comfortable with her size, her complexion and her own skin- faballey has the perfect collection for you. Happy Shopping! xx

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PS: This is a sponsored article. However, all views expressed are my own.

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