By Bhavna Narang( Guest Blogger)

With the winter freezing you up, your closet sure goes topsy turvy. The stylish halters, spaghettis and shorts find a corner at the back and you usually end up wearing your denims and sweaters. Each day looks dull and boring with the same old winter stuff. So that calls for new things to be added to your closet. Here are some accessories for winter that will raise your stylometer score and allow the diva in you to survive the winter chill.

The Duster Coat: A must-have accessory this season, a warm duster coat can be worn over any outfit. They are available in a variety of colours and fabrics. Short duster coats look classy when worn over a dress. So you won’t have to part with your regular dresses for weeks!
For the taller ones, a floor duster is just the right accessory. Floor dusters teamed with trousers, shirt and high heels will give you the perfect ensemble.



Fur Coats: For centuries, fur coats have been used as an elite accessory. Invest in a good fur coat, for that is one thing which can be used over the years for several seasons. Fur coats are available with almost all major brands as well as in the local market.

Boots: Any ensemble is incomplete without the right shoes. Protect and pamper your feet this season with trendy boots. They cover your feet well and give that edge to your overall look. The taller ones must opt for long boots while the shorter ones must go for ankle boots. They are available in multiple colours and quirky prints, flat soles and high heels.



Gloves: The market this season is flooded with a wide range of gloves, ranging from plain to quirky embellished ones. Quirky gloves can be used as a statement accessory with plain outfits. Animal prints, smileys, hearts, bows, flowers there’s so much to choose from!


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Putting it all together:
Coordinate your winter accessories well, so that you don’t end up looking like a blanket.  When you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, match up your duster coat with your boots. Avoid wearing too many accessories. Keep it minimal, keep it warm and keep it stylish.

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