By Bhavna Narang (Guest Blogger) 

While B-town has become an everyday runway, with the lens tracing celebrities from airports to cafes to sets, the Bollywood beauties are on a round-the-clock style alert. Though the list of B-town style divas is quite long, one of them has caught my attention longer in recent times. From her bubbly look in the early 90s to her current super-glam avatar, Shilpa Shetty Kundra has come a very long way. The svelte beauty has raised the style benchmark with her current wardrobe on a new kids dance show being aired on a popular television channel these days.

The Colour-play:

With just a handful of episodes that have been aired so far, Shilpa has been seen wearing a range of bright and effervescent shades of fabric and accessories. Right from the pair of bright yellow trousers and top with a hint of cold-shoulder which she wore for the first promotional video, to the latest episode where she was seen wearing a playful combination of yellow, orange and blue, Shilpa has beautifully carried every colour. Being it for a kids’ dance show, this colour-play looks quite interesting.


The Outfits:

From off-shoulder to the fanciest necklines, from figure hugging outfits to flared ones, Shilpa carries it all with absolute grace and elegance. The mustard dress with a golden belt, the printed off shoulder top paired with a pink saree-drape effect skirt, the casual denim and blue top coordinated with a floor-length duster coat and the rest of her outfits put together make a desired wardrobe for every style aspirant.


The Accessories:

Shilpa has followed the minimal accessory trend while mostly contrasting her jewellery from her dresses. Also she has been seen wearing more of funky jewelry- oxidized metals, coins, shells, and tussels to complement her outfits.


The overall look:

To coordinate with such captivating ensembles, Shilpa opts for simpler and subdued hairstyles, with her hair falling loose straight or in soft waves. Also her makeup is relatively simple, with softer shades of eye- shadow and lip colour.


Putting it all together, I would describe Shilpa’s look as trendy, funky, casual yet elegant; apt for a kids’ dance show. With such a glamorous beginning, I look forward to her looks for the entire season of the show. Way to go Shilpa!Each one of us has a Diva in us. Let that confidence spill and spread out! Happy Styling!




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