By : Juhi Bansal

I am an eternal romantic! I believe in mush, cheesy lines, love at first sight (for me it’s with shoes mostly!) and the works. What I ,however, don’t like is “sameness”, utter boring sameness whether in romance or fashion.

Now if you are married (like me) or have a steady partner, there isn’t much you can do since you can’t actually change your date but what you can definitely do is spice things up!

Lets do something different this V-day. Different for our better halves and different for ourselves. I urge you to “shun the red” which will be done to death by everyone around you. Also, some other V-day mantras for you (compiled by experts at Ahmedabad Mirror)

Reds have been done ad nauseum so choose a different color palette for the outfit keeping it soft (baby pinks, corals etc)

If you want to keep the spirit alive opt for red pumps, lipstick or ruby ear rings

Soft curls or blow dried hair should do the trick

Ditch the tote in favor of a cutesy clutch

Use gold or silver accented jewelry for accessorizing

Smile, give your partner the much needed attention and chuck the cell phone!

Or forget all of the above and do your own thing! After all, why should a so called stylist tell you how you should live your personal day of love 🙂

Remember whatever you do, it will be special if both of you have a good time!

And yeah don’t forget this important piece of advice whether you spend your V-day at a candle-lit dinner or in PJs on your couch!

Juhi giving "expert" tips on V-day in Ahmedabad Mirror

Juhi giving  out tips on V-day in Ahmedabad Mirror

Stay Goegeous xx


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