By Maitri Patel (Team CB)

So anybody who knows me personally or as a matter of fact, even remotely can vouch for the fact that I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE my hair! I have been in love with them since I was a little kid! And trust me when I say that I would go to any lengths for them!

But lately, I have kind of been abusing them, and before I realised this, it was quite late already! I can’t say I haven’t regretted my decision of being careless, but I have promised myself that I will do everything required to mend this relationship!

Here is the glimpse of my hair care routine!

The tonic

Ok, so my tonic is full of pretty simple ingredients! A small portion of bottle gourd and a very small portion of spinach! (Now you see what I mean by I am ready to go to any lengths? :P) I am sure a lot of you hate this article already, but trust me, it WORKS!! This absolutely ‘no taste’ tonic not only stops my hair fall, but also makes my hair grow faster! If you think there are very slim chances that you could ever get yourself to drink the tonic, you could always turn it into a full vegetable soup! Just boil bottle gourd, spinach, some tomatoes, cabbage a few almonds and vola! Salt and pepper to taste 😉

My Morning Tonic

My Morning Tonic 😉

The in between meals

This is the handiest thing in my hair care routine! All I do is mix two parts flax seed and one part black sesame in a bottle and carry it around with me. I tend to have it after meals, but if you prefer, you could always add it to your meals by sprinkling it on the vegetables! Flax seed contains 3 times as much omega-3 than in walnuts. This mix works too well! You can experience the difference in the texture of your hair in just two weeks!


The caffeine alternative

 Talking about the second super tonic, nothing beats coconut water! You can have it as many times as you wish in a week as an alternative to tea and coffee addiction. Try drinking coconut water every alternate day for two weeks, and I can assure you would never go back on this decision! Apart from that, drink plenty of water! Download the remind me to drink water app, carry a bottle around with you wherever you go, just go bananas with it!! That’s because, when your body experiences a water crisis, it is the hair on your head that is affected first! It becomes brittle and lifeless!


The fancy hot towel treatment

I know I know that hot oil treatments take up some time out of your busy schedule, but investing time is totally worth it! All you have to do is oil your hair and wrap it in a hot towel! Repeat this exercise a couple of times over and you are good to go! I would recommend keeping your hair oiled for one night. I have at times even avoided conditioning by this trick! (Psst, I am always in a hurry! :P)


Of course it goes without saying that eating all the seasonal fruits and vegetables and nuts and every other thing that you have heard about hair foods!

So far, my routine has been working wonders for me! I have experienced noticeable change in just a few weeks time!

Do let me know if you tried my tricks! I would also love to hear your tricks from your hair care routine! Im always game for experimenting! So do write in as usual!

Until then,

Stay Gorgeous!! xoxo

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