By Maitri Patel (Team CB)

So, it has been a lot of time since I last wrote to my lovely ladies (I’ve missed you too)! Well I have been juggling between my semester ends and any array of weddings in the family that I need to attend! I quite literally spend my whole day shopping and going to dance practices and attending fitting sessions! (Pheewww!) But this year, I planned to do something different with my look at the weddings and decided to tie my hair differently. On experimenting, I found just a little change in hairstyle completely changes my outlook.

So, here are some updo’s that I’m going to be trying on this wedding season. These hairstyles work best on wavy hair, but straight hair will do the trick too.


The French Braid Chignon

Step-wise chignon.

Step-wise chignon.

It is a simple and elegant hairstyle. All one has to do is divide your hair into two parts (a side partition, recommended). French braid your hair on both the sides and secure them with bobby pins on whichever side you want the bun. Now, with an elastic, tie the remaining hair into a pony. Back comb the pony a little and tie the hair into a messy bun.

The best part about it is that, you can freely experiment with your french braid chignon in any way you want.


The Side Bun

Elegant side bun.

Elegant side bun.

This is an even easier hairstyle that you could be done with in minutes. All you need is a doughnut headband, hair elastic and a few bobby pins.

All you need to do is, tie your hair in a pony on either side. You can also use hair spray to give that extra volume to your hair. Wrap the end of your pony onto the doughnut and keep wrapping it till the very end. Do not worry if there are small strands of hair that come out of the bun. Once you reach the end, secure the bun and those loose strands with bobby pins. Spray the final hairstyle, if need be.


The Jennifer Lawrence

Beautiful updo decoded

Beautiful updo decoded

This beautifully elegant hairstyle was worn by the diva of Hollywood for the Oscars. It is also in so many ways similar to the side bun and requires the exact same tools.

You start with teasing the crown of your hair for that extra voluminous look. Then, grab a section on the left and separate it into two. Twist the two sections with one another and pin it at the back of the head. Do the same for the right side. Tie the remaining hair into a pony. Wrap the end of your pony onto the doughnut and follow the steps there after used for the side bun. Tada! Jennifer Lawrence decoded!


I would also love to see how well these updo’s worked for you, so upload a picture of your hairstyle with #cbstyle on instagram and don’t forget to tag us @closetbuddies.

Do let me know if you have any queries or questions or want me to do another article on hair down styles by commenting in the section below.

Until then,

Stay Gorgeous XOXO

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