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Hello everyone! 

I am back to my ranting self. Couldn’t keep all the emotions bottled up for long :). So ladies and gents, here’s what I am ruminating about today: Regrets & Failures. I am not sure what prompted this- probably the omni-present, ever critical “pados wali Sharma Aunty” in all of our lives.

So, back to the topic- What is failure? I’ve had my fair share of “failures” over the years. Not getting into my first choice of B-school, not having a unicorn of a startup, not having saved up enough. But, if I’ve learnt anything in the last couple of decades of my life is it that “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Not success, not even failure! Infact, when I look back I realize there isn’t one thing in my life I would have wanted to turn out differently.

Also, moving on is as important as trying incessantly. You should know when to give up. Pick yourself up, brush the dust off your backside and carry on with life. Regrets don’t come because of failures, they do because you were too scared to give it a shot.

For me failure only means never having tried because if you did you didn’t fail!

I am very moody when it comes to accessorizing. I can do without it, use it sparingly or as in this case, go completely overboard! The key ofcourse lies in layering it well. 

That's three different necklaces! And don't you just love the potli?

That’s three different necklaces! And don’t you just love the potli?

IMG_8786 (1)

Did I take mismatching too far with uneven number of bangles in both wrists?

IMG_8801 (1) IMG_8804 (1) IMG_8800 (1)

All jewelry pieces are from Twines and Pellets (incidentally run by Pranshuta of Team CB). They have an amazingly eclectic collection of handcrafted boho jewelry. When I was selecting pieces for my ensemble, I was so confused, I decided to wear it all :). So, I am actually wearing 3 necklaces, 5 mis-matched bangles (2 in one hand and 3 in the other) and 3 anklets apart from the earrings and potli. It is an explosion of colour and jewelry pieces and I am simply in love. By the way, they also customize! Check them out here and here.

Love these anklets!

Love these anklets!

That's Maitri with moi. She's quite the camera shy gal so this took a lot of cajoling :)

That’s Maitri with moi. She’s quite the camera shy gal so this took a lot of cajoling 🙂

Hope you liked my OTT styling. Do write in 🙂

Stay Gorgeous xx


Jewelry: c/o Twines and Pellets (Buy)

Outfit: c/o Stalk Buy Love (Buy)

Pics: Harsh Dabhi Photography

Harsh Dabhi

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