By Maitri Patel (Team CB)

All through my life, I have heard people complain about their life sucking jobs and being stuck in places that don’t deserve their time or attention! And I very well understand the feeling of being stuck! It makes you think things about yourself that you never imagined. Drags you down to a new low! I myself have been through such a phase, recently enough. I got knocked into a different life than what I was used to. Watching things go south, day after day, an outspoken ambivert found it difficult to find words to start a conversation with someone! Everytime I looked, I could only heard judgemental eyes that spoke louder.

It took a lot of time and patience to pull myself out of that place! On the way, I realised it was the place that bore me down! I guess greater transition in life, often come out of smaller event where we stop and look at who we are. Because being stuck is not always a state of mind, it is at times even the people and the place around you! And then you might have support from all your loved ones, but, your life is your responsibility and only you can pull yourself out of all the clutter. So, do whatever it takes to make ‘you’ happy, and frankly, those are the only things that should be ever allowed! After all, life is always about how happy you were!

Oh BTW, my first shoot is also a part of getting out of the ‘Getting Out Rehabilitation Program’! Because you need to start at some point in life, it might as well be NOW!








Do let me know about your experiences of places that have pulled you down and how you have fought or are fighting with the situation.

Write in as usual!

Until then,

Stay Gorgeous! XOXO

Outfit breakdown:

Long Tunic: Self designed

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Footwear: Candies USA

Bag: Phive Rivers

Picture Credits: Gaurav Gupta (Pixie Drama)

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