By Juhi Bansal

Priyanka Chopra posted a picture with Mr. Modi recently and drew attention for all the wrong reasons. Several self-appointed “keepers of Indian tradition” made it their job to let PeeCee know she was being disrespectful to the PM and country because of her dress! Because her legs are showing! If you saw the pic you would say “really people!”. The dress is as elegant and event appropriate as it can be. You would think she is wearing a bikini to the meeting- with all the outcry (not that one couldn’t). Shouldn’t a person (see how I am not making it a feministic agenda) be left alone with their outfit? Who decides the boundaries of decorum? Who has the right to tell me, you and Priyanka Chopra how we should be living out lives?

I and a few other strong headed women from Ahmedabad spoke our minds on the issue for Ahmedabad Mirror and also made it a point to show off our legs :). Bring it on haters.

Find the full interview below:

AM:  Where do you think lies the issue? Indian mindset, regressive upbringing, or a society that will never let its women progress?
JB: There will always be a section of society which has nothing better to do than comment on others. They are just doing that. I don’t think we should lose any sleep over it.

AM: Priyanka gave a befitting and sassy reply to her detractors with a photograph where she is seen with her mom who is also wearing an outfit flaunting her pins. While a star like Priyanka can get away with it, how do you think commoners like us can tackle such issues on a daily basis?

JB: You have to shut all the negativity and the nay sayers out. If they manage to scare you once, they’ll do it again and again. The moment they realize you’re your own boss- they’ll find someone else to bully.

AM: Can you decipher Priyanka’s body language in the photograph?
JB: I think she is very confident and poised. Her demeanour and posture both exude respect without losing any of her trademark sass. She rocked!

AM: Do you think India deserves a global icon like Priyanka?

JB: For every miscreant there is atleast 10 of us who absolutely love what PC is doing. We totally deserve her!

AM: It’s 2017, and we seem to be rolling back into time, becoming more nativist and regressive. If there would be a future where men and women would become equal, which year do you think it would be and why?

JB: But, we are! Right now in 2017. Do you remember your ordeal growing up? I do. My life is so much better now. I speak for most girls when I say we feel extremely confident of our capabilities and our achievements more than ever. I agree there is a long way to go but we’ve come a long  way and we should congratulate ourselves for it.

AM: Is Ahmedabad regressive or progressive? Your take.
JB: I’ve lived in several cities across India including Delhi and believe me when I say it- Ahmedabad is the most progessive! I agree every place has its shortcomings but as far as safety of women and letting people be is concerned, Ahmedabad wins hands down!

AM: One tradition you think India should continue to maintain, and one that should be completely abolished.

JB: Maintain- Our sense of family. Our parents take care of us and give us their all while growing up and then we take over and take care of them when they age. It’s a beautiful bond. 
Abolish- Our obsession with English. If you speak the language- good for you. If someone cannot- let them be. There is nothing wrong in teaching your kids to speak English but also teach them to not judge people on the basis of how well someone can speak the colonial language.
Outfit: c/o Stalk Buy Love
Shoes: Rockport
Venue: Cellad Eatery
Pics: Ahmedabad Mirror
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