By Rutva Sutaria(Team CB)

There is a selfie obsession going over all around the world. #selfie is the most used hashtag on Instagram and the word has also found a place in the Oxford Dictionary. While many of us get the perfect selfie everytime there are some who need to master their selfie taking skills and this article is going to be a savior for them. Look out for some amazing tips below.

1.Always tilt your head at an angle:

For most people face looks better when tilted at an angle rather than a straight face. Check for yourself by first tilting to right and then to left. Choose an angle such that it highlights your face and also hides your double chin. One more trick to hide your double chin is to always take the selfie from above rather than below your head.



2.Cover your imperfections:

Most of us do prefer a natural look but that doesn’t mean you let your imperfection come between you and perfect selfie. Hide your dark circles and pores using a good concealer. Make sure your face doesn’t look OTT in the selfie. Apply a bright lipstick to add a pop of color to your selfie.

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3.Check for different light conditions:

Natural light is the best to take pictures but sometimes harsh sunlight can even make you look washed out. Look out for various light conditions and choose one where you get a flattering selfie. It is not always necessary to look out for natural light. You can get amazing selfies even indoors in a well lit setting.


4.Experiment with your looks:

Pouting doesn’t always look good in selfies. Instead you can try out various different expressions.  You can even add an accessory like a pair of sunglasses or a hat to make your selfie look more appealing.



5.Let the tallest person take the selfie:

With passing time people have moved over selfie and groupie has become a rage. With advancement in technology you can accommodate more and more people in your selfie. The trick to take a perfect groupie so that no one is left out is to let the tallest person take the selfie. This way you would be able to capture even the shortest person in the frame.

6.Play around with filters:

Download a good selfie editing app and experiment with different filters.  The filters are designed in such a way that they enhance your selfie by adjusting the light conditions. After various trials you may even ending up finding one filter that makes your selfie look the perfect.


Guys start clicking your perfect selfies right away..!

Stay Gorgeous XX

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