By : Juhi Bansal

What comes a close second to the excitement of dressing up for your wedding? Think think. Dressing up for a pretend wedding shoot for the a popular magazine. Yes! So, when India Today-Simply Gujarati called me to say they wanted to feature me in the Bridal Edition for the cover story, I was already on cloud eight. (To be fair to my wedding IRL when I was on cloud nine actually 🙂 ).

They (Aditi @Simply Gujarati) asked me to pick a wedding event and dress up for it. I picked Brunch. Two reasons-

  1. I wanted to step away from the wedding revelry- the heavy jewelry, lehenga and OTT hair and make up. I’d done it all in the actual one.
  2. We did not host a brunch at our wedding because ours was more a traditional marwari (read-no liquor) affair. So, I thought why not use this as an opportunity to dress up for the one event I missed in the whole wedding jing-bang.

Once I zeroed in on the event came the more difficult part- Finding the perfect outfit. I knew I was looking for something simple yet exquisite. I scoured for a gown across the length and breadth of the city but nothing seemed to catch my fancy. Then a chance running into Shyamal from Shyamal & Bhumika resulted into a visit to their store. The moment I saw the cowl gown I was sold. Right from the bustier to the fall, it fit me like a dream. It is from their latest collection which was showcased at the LFW 2015 and was still to hit the stores! It felt so special from the moment i put in on 🙂

From there on it was a fun ride. Since I wanted the gown to have all the attention, I kept the jewelry to a minimum. Chose these chic danglers from the Manish Arora for Amrapali Collection and a bracelet watch from the House of Marigold.

The hair and makeup was done to perfection by Armieda. I went for a side swept waterfall braid. You don’t want to worry about hair when you’re having fun with friends and family right? Also, you don’t want something intricate for a Brunch. It’s always better to highlight one feature on your face as far as make up is concerned rather than going all out. Again, it’s just a brunch and not a formal wedding event. I went for the eyes.

Last but not the least, I wanted some pop of colour in the entire ensemble and that’s when I decided to use this box clutch in raw silk by Papillon Clutches. Also, it depicts the modern age bride to a T! (#hastag!) If I was getting married today, I would have been insta updating every sec of the festivities 🙂


Earrings: Manish Arora for Amrapali Ornate Watch: House of Marigold



Another look at the gorgeous jewelry

The cool clutch!

The cool clutch!

side full

If there was ever a nervous smile!



Doing it again is so not easy!


Being a "girl" here and checking out the pics as soon as they were taken!

Being a “girl” here and checking out the pics as soon as they were taken!

Here are some tips for a bride-to-be:

-Stick to the classics. Whether its the fabric or designs. What may seem “in” today may merely be a fad. You don’t want to look good just today. Wedding trousseau (and pictures) are for ever!

-Comfort should always come first. This is not a small event where you just have to make a cursory appearance. This is your event. Every eye will be on you. Make sure whatever you choose to wear is extremely comfortable- including the heels.

-Go for a dress rehearsal. Outfit, hair, makeup, jewelry – everything. You don’t want to leave anything to chance that day.

-Take your own decisions. Wedding is not the time to please others. If you do not agree with your mum, sister, bhabhi or anyone else, let them know. Like I said- it’s your day. They either had their chance or will get one soon.

-Bridezilla, butterflies in the stomach and wedding jitters are all real. So panic,yell,  hyperventilate, break down every now and then but don’t let it get the better of you. It is a phase, it will go as quickly as it came.

You will make a pretty bride. I know you will. So just face the festivities with your biggest smile and love for your partner-in-crime. 🙂

Stay Gorgeous xx

Read the full article in India Today


Outfit: Shyamal & Bhumika

Earrings: Manish Arora for Amrapali

Bracelet Watch: House of Marigold

Clutch: Papillon Clutches

Makeup and Hair: Armieda Salon

Location: Hyatt, Vastrapur Ahmedabad


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    Thats superb gal,great going

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    Awesome 🙂

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    Rock star

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    Well done!!

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      Shilpa thank you so much. Have been meaning to call you! Let me know what time works!

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    U luk so gud!!

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      Thank you Pranshuta you don’t have to be so polite! 🙂

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    Daym u look hot…and hot in that very elegant n diva and up there and freaking effortless kinda way Juhi !

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      Shilpa you always always make my day super duper happy 🙂 with your compliments! kinda more than the feat itself 😉

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    Nice Juhi

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      thanks a lot Amrita how are you?

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      very well – we must connect I love what ure doing !

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    You look totally Gorgeous Juhi!

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    Ah well…something to beat the cold…!! HEAT !!! whistle whistle..!!

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      haha btw your insta tells me the source to all the heat may be good old G&T!

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    thanks. How’s secret santa coming along?

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    Lookin fab dear

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    Excellent Juhi!! You look stunning!! Good going … Keep it up!!!

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