By Juhi Bansal

I am tired of the monochrome layering, aren’t you? And now that we are at the fag end of winters, I thought it was about time I broke some rules ;). That’s why I decided to wear all my colours at once. I’ll leave it to you to decide if the result is stylish or comical :P. Either way, I had too much fun putting the look together!



Also, in my last article I told you how I ve been waiting to rant. So, looks like this one is going to bear the brunt of that :P.



I saw Tamasha a couple of weeks ago (yes that’s what happens when you have a toddler at home- you go from 3 movies a week to 3 movies a year!) and all the controversies and opinions aside, I LOVED the movie.



The plot goes something like this (SPOILER ALERT!)– Ranbir Kapoor is a storyteller. Loves to dream and weave stories. Sucks at Math. But, is forced into engineering because that’s what his father thinks makes sense. He gets a job but goes through with his routine like a robot until one day his girlfriend breaks up with him because he is not being “true to himself”.  He goes through a myriad of emotions, introspects, gets violent, confronts his demons (and parents) and finally realizes his true calling in life- story telling. Once the awakening happens, everything else is a cake walk. He is now a fairly popular playwright because he dared to follow his heart.

Heartening isn’t it? Didn’t a whole lot of us smile, wipe a tear and tell ourselves we need to get out of our boring jobs and follow our hearts. We don’t have to be average anymore. Brilliant idea but that’s where my worry lies. What’s so wrong with being average or worse- mediocre? In simple words- if life followed a normal curve, there is a substantial percentage of us who will end up being the “losers”. Not everyone can be a winner, even if each one of us manages to find our “true calling in life”. And that’s where it gets scary.

Most of my friends’ parents told them they could be winners at anything as long as their hearts and minds were in the right place. It worked for some of them. My parents told me and my siblings that we would be winners if we found our interests and followed them. Worked for us (or not actually), but, the problem is that even with varied thought processes, winning continues to be the central idea for the parents, the society and thus the kids.

Now that I am a mother I wonder if I am also going to be like them parents. The ones who even with all the unwavering love for their kids secretly hope for them to be successful conventionally. Will I tell Iy to go on trying because it’s not cool to give up. Or that she makes me proud everytime she comes first in class or gets a trophy home.

I really wish I have the courage to tell her it’s ok to be average or mediocre or even a failure. I wish I could tell her that even if she can find where her heart lies and she still fails at it, it’s ok. That my love is unconditional. That, I will never have a hole in my heart if my girl is not a “success”. All I wish is that you smile always- unadulterated and confident. I wish you can always walk up to me and say what you want without worrying about letting me down. You will never as long as there is that unfettered smile on your face.


Pics: Hemal Shah (Team CB)

Nude Dress: Zara

Denim Shirt Dress: Stalk Buy Love

Scarf: Study by Janak

Sunnies: Stylefiesta

Booties: Forever 21

Yellow Clutch: Stalk Buy Love

Apple Watch: Gift from K

Stay Gorgeous xx


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  • Reply Abha Tiwari January 26, 2016 at 6:43 am

    Outfit <3

  • Reply Hashmita Khalsa Ahuja October 6, 2016 at 6:48 am

    You have said it Juhi Bansal.. How does one define mediocrity? ??
    As every thing is so relative..

    • Reply Juhi Bansal October 8, 2016 at 7:22 am

      The world is going to be both a beautiful and terrible place for the kids to grow up in

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