By: Juhi Bansal

Like everyone else, at the end of 2015 I was sitting and reflecting on how my year was and as fun and promising it looked, I still had some sore points.

I am a complete bookworm, or atleast I used to be. There was a time (in the not so distant past) when I couldn’t fall asleep without reading and this year the last thing I saw before going to bed was FB. And no, I can’t blame Iy for everything.

I was spending an insane amount of time on social media- agree my work profile calls for it, but still it was turning my day hugely unproductive.

It’s a vicious cycle- you have a fabulous life, you show off, people see/comment/like (I hear you can show more emotions on FB now), you see theirs and do the same. You’re constantly striving to one-up. But, no one’s life is FB perfect, not mine atleast. I realized I needed to get out of this whirlpool or as K likes to say- I needed a Social Media Intervention.

So, 2016 was going to be about serious changes.

Social Media Detox: If you’ve hardly seen me on FB this year- it is by design. My team posts articles on the CB page but my personal page has hardly had any activity so far. And now that I am not available constantly, fans are writing in actual emails! I get more fan mails every day now than I ever did. Oh btw you can still follow me on Instagram where I am slightly more regular. And oh, if I haven’t commented on your amazing trips or baby bump or the like, please don’t hold it against me, I have no idea what’s happening around me and it surprisingly doesn’t bother me anymore. FOMO is so not real!

Catch up on Reading: I’ve taken up a personal challenge to read 50 books this year. I am done with 8 so looks like I am almost on track. I think less social media time has something to do with it. I read both physical and ebooks but I’ve come to like my Kindle more in the past couple of years. 

Living a non-FB inspired Fabulous Life: Also, now that I am not under the pressure to show off my fabulous life anymore, it’s becoming more and more fabulous in reality :). I have become more calm, less jealous 😉 and genuinely happy (not FB happy if you know what I mean). 

I’ve been experimenting with looks lately, completely getting out of my comfort zone. I tried too many colours last month and in this look I decided to overdo monochromes and stripes. Dash of colour, messy bun and chunky slingback Loafers- this look is as confused as can be. But, I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. Hope you like it too 🙂

standing tall white BG


yellow leaves

i need shades

a smile escaped



The beautiful tie and dye clutch is by Papillon. (Dervied from french word “papilo” meaning butterfly). The brand is run by two amazingly talented sister duo- Meeti & Purva. I just love their effortless use of colours. You can check them out here and here.


Break down of my look:

Outfit: Globus c/o Limeroad

Slingback Loafers: Charles & Keith

Clutch: c/o Papillon Clutches

Ring (worn as a Knuckle Ring): Zariin’s monochrome collection (part of MEB jewelry box)

On my lips: Estee Lauder Tumultuous Pink 240 and Colorbar Tickle me Pink 013

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