By : Juhi Bansal

It’s one of those days. Days when I’ve seen enough of a pattern on my social media and I need to rant! I strictly believe in “to each his own” and not judging  as far as I can because I hated being judged myself  most of my life. Now, I just act blind and deaf 😉

Yeah, so coming back to social media, the trend that I’ ve been seeing these days is either updates about how “irritated” people are when someone tries to publicize their “fabulous life”. Could be pictures from a holiday, or their workout, eating out or simply PDAs. This results in another few people updating their statuses saying how “jobless” and “unfulfilled” some people are to post such updates when their actual lives are not so happening. Now, frankly, I would normally leave these people at their banter but when it gets a little too much I ramble in the one place that matters- my blog. So, here’s what I have to say, if you are the first half who posts such updates- I am happy for you and I have no interest/time/right to find out whether your updates are true or not. If you are the irate party- seriously? First of all, why in the world will this irritate you….just live your life and ignore the other person. You can also unfollow/unfriend or simply mute notifications from the person if it bothers you that much.

We live in extremely social times. By social I mean- oversharing which sometimes borders on narcissism. Even I am guilty of that. I also agree that it may have more bads than goods. But for better or worse, we are in touch with everyone around who matters and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only way to escape it is living under a rock….quite literally 🙂

Last weekend, the weather was better than usual in aapnu amdavad. While, the sun is back to it’s unforgiving self, I managed to dress up and have fun while the sun didn’t shine 😉

full 2

I have tried to use 5 solid colours in one outfit. White, red, yellow, green and brown. The trick is to have one central colour (red in this case) and the rest- although bright enough -remain on the periphery so the outfit doesn’t become too overwhelming. Let me know if you like it.

looking behind


can't get enough of the bag

can’t get enough of the bag

yellow tote: TAWS Pumps: Charles & Keith

yellow tote: TAWS
Pumps: Charles & Keith

who's calling

all set to have some fun!

all set to have some fun!

The pastel yellow bag is from Taws. The bag is made from 100% genuine leather and is extremely soft to touch. Dependable, chic and incredibly on trend- Taws is definitely the place to be for your pick of the crème de la crème of all purpose leather fashion. I was quite impressed with their quick delivery and packaging as well. Check out their collection here. You can follow them on facebook and instagram (@tawsofficial) too.

Do write in!

Stay Gorgeous xx

Closet Courtesy:

Midi Dress: Stalk Buy Love (Buy)

Necklace: The Trunk Label (Buy)

Yellow Tote: TAWS (Buy)



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