By Pranshuta Arora(Team CB)

Ah! Summers are back. You might think I’m crazy but actually I love summers… You are just so free during summers. You do not feel that urge to be close to your bed all the time, you don’t need coffee all the time and the best part is that the days are longer, brighter and sunnier. Yes of course the heat can be nightmarish sometimes for the skin but then you always have a way of protecting yourself from it.

So here are a few tricks of keeping yourself protected from heat and enjoy summers fearlessly.


  1. Take care of that pretty face


You might think that a brisk walk to a coffee shop in the next building would not bring you in sun’s notice. But hey girl you’re absolutely wrong. Even those short trips to a short distance can be quite cruel on the skin. So just add a layer of sunscreen for keeping your face and hands protected from the sun exposure. A lot of advanced formulas are available now days which are absolutely weightless and thus you do not feel uncomfortable wearing them.

  1. Keep your lips kiss ready all the time 😉


Well, protecting even the lips from the harmful rays of the sun is extremely important. Irrespective of the shade it is important to look for SPF in the lipstick so that the rays of the sun are not able to touch them.

  1. Let Mother Nature do her part


When it’s about our body, no one knows it better than Mother Nature. The seasonal foods which are available during summers such as leafy green veggies, watermelon, berries, etc. have a high content of water which helps in keeping the body hydrated. Apart from having sufficient amount of water, you should also consume fresh and water rich fruits and vegetables.

  1. Go for the exfoliation therapy


If daily facials are not on your cards, then a gentle exfoliation routine would help you get a soft and smooth skin. Just go for any good exfoliating scrub or a soft facial brush which clear the skin thoroughly when used with cream or gel cleansers. It helps in scrubbing off the dead skin and cleaning the pores.


  1. Take care of your hands


One thing which we often ignore intentionally or unintentionally is taking care of our hands. However, it is equally important to look after even our hands especially during summers when the scorching heat causes a lot of issues to the skin.

Summers don’t really make the skin dry but still our skin needs some kind of moisturisation. Thus, it is very important to use products which have nourishing ingredients which do not make the hands greasy.

For instance you can go for the latest Hemp Hand protector by The Body Shop. It has community fair trade hemp seed oil as well as community fair trade beeswax which helps in forming a shield over the skin. This shield restricts the loss of moisture and improves the resilience power of the skin.

In spite of being a heavy duty hand cream it gets absorbed into skin very easily and conditions, softens and smoothens the skin preventing dryness.

Just keep it in your bag and apply it twice or thrice daily to get soft and beautiful hands.

(P.S.: CB received a PR copy for the review but the views expressed are solely on the basis of my personal experience.)

  1. Don’t forget the feet


The day long hustle bustle makes our feet tired and worn out by the end of the day. The best way of relaxing the feet is to soak them in lukewarm water. Also, before you step out in sun, apply a good amount of sunblock cream on the feet also. Do not forget it if you do not like to see those ugly natural slipper tattoo on your feet.

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