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It’s here! The first MEB of 2015. Lets see if it manages to live up to the expectation :). Hot red box, yellow pouch and some interesting samples- no wonder this month’s box  is making me happy happy.

The striking Red!

The striking Red!

The embossed pouch in yellow!

The embossed pouch in yellow!

Sneak Peek at the Goodies

Sneak Peek at the Goodies


So, this month there are 6 “luxury” brands (yep one bonus sample) which include one deluxe sized sample and two beauty samples. Looks like someone at MEB has been listening to our rants 🙂

1. Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo

Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo

Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo

Sample Size 50 ml- enough for 7-8 washes. I love deluxe sized samples. While I understand that expensive brands like these cannot always send out big samples, a girl can dream right? :).

The shampoo claims to strengthen and repair stress prone hair and I am really looking forward to using it on my damaged hair. Hope it works!

Sebastian Professional is an LA based Salon products brand and has to it’s credit various innovations in the hair styling department-be it the crimping iron, or wet styling gel or ammonia free hair color. They sent the Potion 9 sample in the October edition.

Psst: the sample costs Rs. 300!

2. Elizabeth Arden Youth Restoring Ceramide Capsules

It is an award winning regenerative skin product from the house of Elizabeth Arden and one I had wanted to buy for a some time now. A pack of 60 capsules is Rs. 4490 and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much without trying.

Fine lines happen when skin loses its ability to make the moisture-magnet lipids called Ceramides. This serum helps replenish your natural Ceramide levels and instantly retexturizes your skin for a firmer, smoother look and fewer wrinkles.

The sample contains two capsules, good for 2 uses. These are particularly helpful in restoring moisture balance of the skin while flying. Gotta use them on my upcoming trip home! 🙂

Sample cost: Rs. 150

Elizabeth Arden Youth Restoring Ceramide Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Youth Restoring Ceramide Capsules

3. Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria EDP

I wear perfume everyday. I prefer them over deodorants and EDT because I just don’t like to keep reapplying them plus I love the soft lingering fragrance that stays with me well into the night. This makes the EDP samples even more special because I get to try them on my skin before I decide to buy a new fragrance.

I don’t know how but the perfume samples is one thing, MEB nails every single time for me. With fruity and floral notes, almost all their picks are right up my alley.

The sample is a small 1.2 ml vial and is good for 2 applications. This too goes in my handbag for the flight home!

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria EDP

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria EDP

Sample Cost: Rs. 72

4. Bottega di Lungavita Face Cream with Colloidal Platinum

Bottega di Lungavita is a 30 year old Italian brand manufacturing “natural” cosmetics. I had received a sun screen sample in the November edition.

The face cream with Colloidal Platinum and silicon is a proven anti-aging treatment and works on blemishes, dark spots and other skin imperfections. This does make for a good moisturizer and I would like to visit it once I am done with my ceramide capsules. However, somewhere in my heart I would like to believe, I don’t need anti-aging creams just yet 🙂

Sample Size: 5 ml good for 5-6 applications.


Sample Cost: Rs. 350

5. Babor Skin Brightening Lotion

Babor is a German cosmetics brand and is luxurious in the true sense.

I received the exact same sample in my December box as well. I would have complained but they made it up by sending in 6 samples this time so I ll treat this one as bonus :). There are two sachets of 2 ml each and will last 6-7 uses. The samples take care of my regime for the next 10 days. Hopefully it will help restore my dry and patchy skin (harsh winters).

Babor Skin Brightening Lotion

Babor Skin Brightening Lotion

Sample Cost: Rs. 480

6. ZA True White Liquid Foundation

ZA is a regular in the MEB samples and I seemed to have tried almost the entire true white product range from facewashes to face creams to sun screens to the foundation now.

I have heard rave reviews of the Liquid foundation and would like to review the full sized product one of these days.  While the samples are good if you would like to test the texture, feel, quality and coverage of the foundation, if the skin tone doesn’t match the shade, it isn’t of much use. I guess I lucked out because the sample turned out to be pretty close to my skin tone. The product is undoubtedly great but I wouldn’t call ZA a luxury brand.

Sample Size: 2+ 2 ml good for 3-4 applications.

 ZA True White Liquid Foundation

ZA True White Liquid Foundation

Sample Cost: About Rs. 125

The box also contains a complimentary voucher for a blow dry at the Sebastian Professional Salon!

This month was perfect and it only makes me look forward to February! I’ve tried to put a cost to each sample this time just to see if it makes sense to order an MEB worth Rs. 850. The samples total up to almost Rs. 1500. It’s for you to decide if that’s a bargain.

Write in!

Stay Gorgeous xx

PS: CB receives a PR copy from MEB every month for review on the blog. However, the views expressed are solely mine.

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