By : Juhi Bansal

Shoes, neon, hand-painted!

There…I have your attention now, don’t I? 😛

Last week, CB met up for coffee and a heart to heart with the very talented footwear designer Ritika Agarwal @ Shoe Crea.

DSCN10381 e1382168140499 768x1024 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

coffee, conversation and the fun footwear!!

DSCN1039 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

DSCN1027 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

nothing spells casual chit-chatting better


DSCN1031 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

than a pair or two of mint-y lemon-y ballerinas

Shoe Crea set up shop almost two years ago and caters to clients who are looking for quirky and truly “different” footwear. They have ballerinas, chappals, sandals, moccasins and a lot of other footwear for both men and women.

DSCN1035 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

DSCN1034 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

CB’s pick: these extremely cute blue ballerinas with hand-painted red hearts. (Psst: these hearts are outlined with radium!!). They are an absolute delight during the day and give my feet a spunky look in the dark!

DSCN1042 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

my glow in the dark ballerinas-so I am always the center of attraction!

DSCN1047 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

can’t get enough of the neon!

Her collection starts at Rs. 1200. Grab your pair today!

You can check out her full collection at


DSCN1024 1024x768 - Shukriya-Shoe Crea

hand-crafted shoe treasure!

Location: CB Pad

Models: Ritika Agarwal, Kopal Agarwal Dhandhania, Juhi Bansal, Pratibha Soni

Stay Gorgeous xx

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