By Vandita Jadeja ( Guest blogger)

The best time of the year has arrived! The last month of the year brings along freezing winds and chilling nights. Along with the season to party, this winter make sure you are wearing your shoes right. You must have stacked on sweaters and jackets but the right pair of shoes will go a long way. To complete your look, it is necessary to wear the shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable for the season.

Here is a list of six essential shoes for this winter.

  1. Black ankle boots: The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about winters, Black ankle boots. Wear them with a skirt or a pair of jeans. These are the most basic shoes for winter; they look very smart and are very comfortable when you are out on a cold winter day.


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  1. Sneakers: Sneakers are essential for anytime of the year. They are comfortable and basically go well with anything you wear. They are light to carry and are warm enough for the winter.


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  1. Brown riding boots: These are my personal favorite. Literally everyone needs a pair. You can tuck them in well fitted jeans or wear them with a dress.


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  1. Flats: Flats usually come handy when you do not want to get into any other shoes and just want to keep your feet open. Though flats are usually avoided in winter, you could buy the ones that come with a closed front, so that your toe remains warm. Flats may include bellies in bright colors or even simple black flats which can be worn with anything casual.



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  1. Heels: With all the partying, you will need a pair of heels even if it is cold outside. Buy something that goes well with your personality and suits you. But ensure your comfort first. When it comes to investing in heels, buy stilettos in bright colors or in golden and black which go well with any outfit. If you have open toed heels, then to save yourself from the chill, you could keep them in your car and reach the venue in sneaker, make a last minute change of footwear and walk tall! Heels also go well with stockings and stockings keep you warm as well as add style to your dress.



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  1. Lace Boots: Another variant in boots, the combat or lace boots can be worn with a jeans or leggings. They also go wear with printed socks; brown colored boots are in this season.


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So take your pick and update your shoes so that you are all set to ring in this winter in style.


So enjoy the winters and stay gorgeous xx


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