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I received my mint green MEB on St. Patty’s! I was so thrilled 🙂

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I was eagerly waiting for this month’s MEB. After all, it was supposed to be Women’s Day Special. Not that I need a day to remind me I am special but who says no to gifts right?

And thats probably why I was a little disappointed once I received it. I think they took the”Women” part too literally. Let me elaborate.

image10 - My Envy Box March 2015 Review

The March 2015 MEB

Here’s a low down on the samples:

1.Dahlia Divin by Givenchy

image14 e1427293371325 - My Envy Box March 2015 Review

Dahlia Divin by Givenchy

Perfume samples are always welcome and when it’s from the luxury French brand -Givenchy, nothing like it! However, this particular sample is a little too woody for my taste. Perfect for late evening dinners and date nights, I wouldn’t wear it to an office do for sure because of the overpowering aroma. But, it does make me feel like a powerful woman 🙂

Sample size 1 ml, good for one to two uses.

Sample Value: Approx Rs. 135


2.Babor Extra Firming Cream

image11 e1427293285590 - My Envy Box March 2015 Review

Babor Extra Firming Cream

I have reviewed Babor samples here and here before.

Babor is a German cosmetics brand and is luxurious in the true sense.


This particular sample, however, is one of the most expensive samples ever! The full sized cream is priced at Rs. 11999 for 50 ml. Yes! I kid you not…12 effing grand! It reduces lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look younger. My only beef- I don’t want to start using skin firming creams already and definitely not something as expensive.

Sample size 3 ml, good for 5-6 uses.

Sample Value: Approx Rs. 720

3.Catrice Absolute Eye Colour

image15 e1427293168504 - My Envy Box March 2015 Review

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour

It is a full sized sample. Catrice is a European drug store cosmetics brand. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the product is up to the mark. I loved the texture and colour of the eye shadow. I received the sample- Bonnie & Cloud which is a pretty blue shade. Aren’t make up samples always welcome J

Sample Size: Full sized product

Sample Value: Rs. 445

4.Babor Intensive Repair Cream

image13 e1427293015152 - My Envy Box March 2015 Review

Babor Intensive Repair Cream

Another problem with this month’s samples is that there are 3 from the same brand with almost the same role. This particular cream helps in regenerating and renewing cells and makes the skin look younger. Now, between the first sample (Babor Extra Firming Cream), this and the next one, there is only one you can use at a time so the other two are basically unusable.

Sample Size: 2ml*3 sachets (good for 5-6 uses easily)

Sample Value: Approx. Rs.588

5.Babor Daily Calming Cream

image12 e1427293072926 - My Envy Box March 2015 Review

Babor Daily Calming Cream

This particular sample is primarily for sensitive skin and helps with redness and irritations if you are prone to any. If out of the three, I had to try one I would this.

Sample Size: 2ml*3 sachets (good for 5-6 uses easily)

Sample Value: Approx. Rs.600

1 perfume sample, 1 full sized makeup product and 3 deluxe sized samples from luxurious brands with a total value of about Rs. 2500 this box could easily have been the best box ever in theory. But, and the “but” is really a big one. Those 3 luxury samples are very age and skin specific. To make matters worse, they are all face creams from the same brand so I cannot use more than one at one time.

So, even though the box may sound like a dream come true…it was far from it!

Hope you liked the review. Do write in for any product specific query.

Stay Gorgeous xx

P.S. PR Copy received.



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