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By : Juhi Bansal

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The most exciting day of the month- when I receive my colorful box of goodies from MEB! It’s always fun to see which colour the box will turn up in. Each month it only gets better. Loved the pretty purple this time. Order yours here.

A sneak peek into the box:

box open 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

This month’s theme is detox and rightly so. Don’t know about you guys but all through October I ve been eating junk in the name of festivities and detox is exactly what I needed.

1. Natio Meditate Shower Gel

natio 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

Natio Meditate Shower Gel

Natio is a 75 years old  Australian cosmetic giant. They formulate and sell plant based skin care and beauty products.  Natio opened shop in India about a year ago. While the products are good to use and “natural”, I would hardly call them luxury. (It’s a departmental store brand in Australia).

The shower gel sample is deluxe sized at 30 ml and will last you atleast 7 uses specially if you use it with a looofah. It lathers well and smells divine. Thumbs up for the sample!

2. Suganda Neem Tea Tree Soap

suganda 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

Suganda Neem Tea Tree Soap

As soon as I opened the box, I was hit by a sweet whiff of scent that brought a smile to my face. It was the Suganda soap sample.

Suganda is a relatively new Indian brand and has to its credit the oft-abused “natural” soaps and lotions. All the products are SLS and paraben free. They are handmade from natural ingredients mixed with oils from Spain and India. They remind me of “Lush” and I am so proud to have an Indian company delivering something similar. Two thumbs up for this sample!

3. Bottega di Lungavita Sunscreen Cream 30 SPF

bottega 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

Bottega di Lungavita Sunscreen Cream 30 SPF

Bottega di Lungavita is a 30 year old Italian brand manufacturing “natural” cosmetics.

While I would love to try something else from the brand, a sunscreen is the last thing I was expecting. 1. Because a lot of previous boxes have had sunscreen samples from other brands and all of us who wanted to change their sunscreens have already done so. 2. I have an oily skin and this particular sample has a highly moisturizing cream base. Having said that, it’s perfect for body application, especially if you are headed to the beach. Also, it smells amazing! Sample size 5 ml.

4. Thalgo Exfoliator

thalgo 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

Thalgo Exfoliator


I have received this particular sample before. Read about it here. Sample size 5 ml. I am still using the earlier sample since you only need a small quantity each time.

5. ZA Cleansing Foam

za 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

ZA Cleansing Foam

Again, this particular sample was repeated. I absolutely loved the face wash sample the first time and have been using it ever since, I would really like to try some new products now. The sample size is 5ml but it will last you good 7-8 uses because the foam lathers well.

6. San-cha Mint Green Tea

sancha 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

San-cha Mint Green Tea

While it’s not a beauty product in the strictest of terms, I was pretty happy with the sample. One, because it’s a bonus addition and two because I am a green tea person. I need my cuppa everyday and this aromatic sample only made my evenings more special. The sample is comfortably sized. Needless to say, my green tea shopping can wait for a couple of weeks atleast!

The box also had a sniff/rub on perfume card from Calvin Klein. Just because its in addition to the 5+1 samples, I am going to let it be :).

ck 1024x768 - My Envy Box- November 2014 Review

cK Rub-on perfume card

So, all in all, I have mixed feelings towards this month’s box. Some samples are really great and I am looking forward to using them but some have been repeated endlessly. We would really like to see some more brands, some different products to try-otherwise the  purpose of a beauty box is defeated,isn’t it?

Let me know your thoughts on the same. Also, for specific queries, write in as usual.

Stay Gorgeous xx


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