By Maitri Patel (Team CB)

I have never been a makeup person, neither has been my mum, nor has been her mom or my other grandmother (starting to wonder if this runs in my family! :P). But what I have realized is that nobody can completely avoid it, no matter how much you try, you would always end up trying on something as simple as a lipstick or a kajal.

So, I decided to educate myself with at least the basics if not something all professional (it a start right?). I asked around and came to know about this wonderful young artist Noopur Choksi who is a co owner at Amaya Makeovers who frequently did self make up workshops at the salon. On getting in touch with her, CB was invited to attend the workshop.

In a candid chat with Noopur post the workshop, I managed to ask her questions exclusively for our CB readers. Read on to know about taking the baby steps to makeup.


Noopur teaching the theories of make up.

Maitri: You are so young! Was it always your dream to become a makeover artist?  What motivated you to choose this as a profession?

Noopur: It’s a turn life has taken, I was never interested in this field but I guess destiny had some other plans for me, but everything happened all of a sudden and things started falling into place and thus I got into this profession. It’s been 3 years now and there is no looking back.

I love makeovers, I love transformations and what could be a best thing than being a stylist to do the same. I am motivated each day, every hour with a new client in hand. That urges to do something for them to make them feel better about themselves, to make them feel more confident with their looks, their personality and the way they groom themselves over all.  I like to explore new things, stay with the trend, update my clients about the same and again what could be best but being in the beauty field and do the same.


M: What according to you are the everyday makeup essentials for beginners?

N: Kohl, a tinted moisturizer, a tinted lipbalm and you are all set to go for your basic beginner look.

Essentials. ;)

Essentials. ;), beginners make

M: I guess I just made a checklist for my handbag *giggles*. How about going a step ahead, what all must I absolutely have in my little red box if I am getting ready for a party?

N: A kohl pencil/ eye liner, mascara, basic eye shadow palette, nude lip shade/ tinted lip balm, gloss, tinted moisturizer with SPF, compact for quick touch up, concealer and a natural blush shade is all you need for a perfect party make up.


M: The same type of makeup every time becomes boring. What according to you should our readers experiment on being the newbies?

N: Experiment more with colors- find out what suits you the best and what you are comfortable in. Do not follow a look blindly. Try experimenting according to your skin tone and try with basic colors. Once you have mastered the techniques you can easily play with various looks and colors.


M: Like statement jewellery, what according to you is a statement makeup look?

N: Semi smokey eyes, winged eyeliner, berry/marsala/red lips, bronze blush does the trick in giving you the perfect look.



M: What would you recommend for daily college/ work wear?

N: When it comes to college we can be very much experimental and let our creative sides be out. Or if one want to keep it simple, one can always opt for those everday make up essentials.

As for work wear- play more with pastels and nudes.

Minimal Blush for Work.

Minimal Blush for Work.


M: What is your favorite look for a party or a social function that you would recommend to our CB readers?

N: Parties and social functions can be definitely glamed up. A well sculpted look would for sure earn you brownie points. Smokey eyes, bright/ dark lips and neatly done hair is an all time favorite look.


M: Some of the most common problems faced by women around the world are a chubby nose, dark circled eyes or double chin.  What are the makeup tricks to cover that?

N: One of the best ways to camouflage such problems is by concealing and contouring. A chubby nose or a doubled chin can be well corrected with contouring that is using a shade darker then the foundation tone and thus defining it properly. This not only contours the unwanted part but also defines and sharpens the features.

Something like dark circles can be covered with concealing. Concealing is always a shade lighter then the foundation tone and is used before foundation. Concealers come in various shades- yellow, orange, red etc. they need to be used according to the skin tone by dabbing it on the required area and then covering it with the foundation.


M:  Can you share a couple of your makeup tricks for our CB readers?

N: For a quick 5 min makeup-

  • Use a tinted moisturizer or a liquid foundation and set it up with compact.
  • If you don’t have a Concealer, use your red lipstick to conceal those dark circles.
  • Use a cream blush or a color stick as a common tool for your blush, eyelids and lipstick.
  • Use your Kohl to do your inner-line as well as a liner and quickly smudge the ends and lash-line for getting a semi smoked up look.

And vola! You are all set.

So all my lovely ladies, I hope I was able to bring to you the essence of the workshop. And, I truly wish these tips help you take the baby steps to basic make up.

Do write in about your experiments as usual. 🙂 Until then,

Stay Gorgeous! XOXO

At Amaya Makeovers.


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    Use red lipstick for dark circles instead of concealer????

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    Soniya Kalaria Patel A quick fix for eye shadow. Isn’t it?

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