By Pranshuta Arora

Double chin is a very common affair these days. Flaunting that high neck scarf or top was never so difficult. Hiding that little monster is no less than a Hercules’s task. So why not just get rid of it forever and forever. Wondering how? Read on to find out.

Sugar free gum


It’s very important to keep the muscles on the face toned, which is possible only if you make the muscles on your jaw-line workout regularly. The best way of doing this is chewing sugar free gums. Just pop on the sugar-free gums a couple of times a day.

Cocoa butter

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Regular usage of cocoa butter helps in improving the elasticity of the skin & helps in shedding those extra pounds under your chin.

You just need to warm some cocoa- butter and gently massage this oil on the neck. Just repeat this procedure two times a day & within no time you will see your chin slimming down.

Egg White



The egg white’s mask is quite helpful in trimming down the double chin. It’s got a very effective skin- tightening effect.

How to prepare the mask:

Just whisk whites of 2 eggs together, 1 tablespoon milk, lime juice & honey. Add a couple of peppermint drops & apply this mask to your chin & leave it for half an hour. Simply rinse it off & pat your skin dry. Doing this everyday will help you get very effective results.


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It is very easy to prepare a mask with the help of glycerin for getting rid of double-chin. Prepare the mask with 1 tablespoon glycerin, 1 tablespoon Epsom Salt & a couple of drops of Peppermint Oil. With the help of a cotton ball apply it on your neck & chin. Leave it for a couple of minutes till it absorbs completely into your skin. Wash it thoroughly with cold water. Repeat this procedure for 3 to 5 times in a week.

Chin exercises



Chin Exercises help the face, jaw-muscles & neck to stretch & tone. They also strengthen the chin & neck-muscles. So, make them a part of your daily routine & say Goodbye to that ugly double chin.


How to do it– Keep your spine straight & tilt your head backwards slowly till you’re looking towards the ceiling. Now just purse your lips to make a pout. Hold in this position for 5 counts & release. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times continuously daily.


Another important exercise for getting rid of a double chin is to turn your head first clockwise & then anti-clockwise, keeping the spine straight. Do this exercise just 5-10 times a day, 3 to 5 times a week.

Green tea



Green Tea has potential antioxidants & several other components which help in speeding up the rate of metabolism. It helps in burning that additional calories & losing weight.

Begin your day with one cup Green Tea & have different rounds of it all throughout the day.

Vitamine E


Increasing your intake of Vitamin E will help in increasing the elasticity of your skin. Vitamin E can be found in different foods such as Wheat Germ Oil, Green leafy Veggies, Dairy Products, Barley Brown Rice, Nuts, Seeds & Legumes, etc.  So try to have foods that are rich in Vitamin E.

Milk Massage

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Milk Massage helps tighten & tone the skin of the chin area. Applying milk also keeps the skin beautiful & soft.

  • Apply some milk around your chin & massage with light strokes for a couple of minutes & then clean it off with some warm water.


So, what are you waiting for girls? Pull up your socks & get ready to bid farewell to your double chin!


Do try some of these tricks & write in to us about the wonders they did to your under chin body!

Till then stay beautiful, stay gorgeous!!

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