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IMG 20150615 144151678 HDR1 - Makeover Magic
Brand/Designer Review, Reviews

Makeover Magic

By Maitri Patel (Team CB) I have never been a makeup person, neither has been my mum, nor has been her mom or my other..

photo 2 7 - Ojas Rajani and Some Handy Makeup Tips

Ojas Rajani and Some Handy Makeup Tips

By : Juhi Bansal Ojas Rajani is a well known make up stylist and her clientele includes the likes of Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor et al. She..

full - Dressing up for V-day
Outfit of the Week

Dressing up for V-day

By : Juhi Bansal I hate to be a conformist! Oops!! wrong word to use on the day of love! Well, I don’t like following rules..


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