By Bhavna Narang(Guest blogger)

When it comes to styling, every detail matters.  Right from your hair, makeup, your outfit and accessories put together make an overall impact. While nails are one of the tiniest things to adorn and many-a-times ignored, those little pops of dead cells can work wonders to modify your appearance.

While plain painted nails have always been in vogue, nail art is a fast catching up trend in the market. Multicoloured shaded nails, diamonds and polka dots rule the nail art trend these days. However, the diva in you will always crave for something new and different. So add spunk to your fingertips with these effervescent nail art patterns.

Fruitilicious Nail Art:

Just right for a casual brunch or day party, fruity nail art designs look funky and catchy. Especially when your outfit is plain, fruity nails will pop up in everyone’s vision. Strawberry or watermelon patterns are best for those who love red! You can also try kiwi and orange nail art patterns.

Flower Nail Art:


A wide range of flower patterns like roses, sunflowers, tulips can be adapted in different colours to suit any occasion. Flowers patterns on the nails look lively and elegant. Use small flower designs or a white background for a sober look.

Dressilicious Nail Art:
For those obsessed with the concept of matching, you can match the print of your dress with your nail art design. Such nail art makes you look unique. This concept works best with medium to larger prints. Although the life of the “matching nail art” will only be till the time you wear that specific outfit, the eyeballs that the ensemble would attract will be definitely worth it!

Short Nails:
Well, it’s a disheartening belief among ladies who cannot maintain long nails, that nail art can be done only on long and extended nails. There are many designs like animal prints, mosaic and chequered patterns that can be very well painted on short nails also.

So all the gorgeous Divas, take a break from the regular nail painting and start pampering your nails. Raise your stylometer score!
Happy Styling!!

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