By : Juhi Bansal

Summer of 2014 is here ladies! Apart from the furore around making and breaking and re-making of resolutions, there is something else that’s piqued our interest-fashion, style and trends for Spring Summer 2014.

Well, I did some research, spoke to a few designers and put together my (limited) knowledge on everything style and fashion and voila! I have a list of the most predicted trends for SS14.

1.  Colors

The most basic requirement before we get down to the dirty details of actual styles. After all, it’s the colors that decide our moods and depict the way we feel.  As is the case every year, Pantone came out with a color palette for 2014, and by the looks of it, it’s gorgeous to say the least! Pantone predicted that these top ten colors for women would be a mix of romantic and vibrant tones with a focus on “emotional and artistic equilibrium” (sic)

pantone spring 2014 colour trends - Summer of '14- Part 1

PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, PANTONE 15-3920 Placid Blue, PANTONE 16-3823 Violet Tulip, PANTONE 18-3949 Dazzling Blue, PANTONE 15-1225 Sand, PANTONE 15-6114 Hemlock, PANTONE 16-0000 Paloma, PANTONE 17-1360 Celosia Orange, PANTONE 14-0852 Freesia, PANTONE 18-1651 Cayenne

2.  Sheers

This is one trend that continues from 2013. We saw top designers swearing by it and celebrities across the world working it on red carpets. Even the high street brands included sheers in their collections in almost all seasons last year.

The best part is there are just so many ways to use it! Sheer is an ode to our feminity, it works best when the aim is to just reveal an itsy bitsy bit and leave the rest to imagination.

sheers - Summer of '14- Part 1

See how all the top designers worked sheers into their SS14 collection

3.  Prints

There was Aztec, Ikat, floral, geometric, and tribal in 2013. Last year was all about “easy on the eyes” prints. Well, 2014 is about prints as well, only they get bigger, bolder and “in your face”. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Prints ruled the roost at Paris Fashion Week 2014

paris fashion week prints - Summer of '14- Part 1

Paris Fashion Week

prints 2 - Summer of '14- Part 1

The Resort 2014 Collection by the heavy weights


4.  Metallic Hues

Whether its clothes, accessories or makeup, metallic-hues is a sure winner in SS14. Gold, silver, bronze, gun-metal grey, you name it!

A word of caution-don’t go overboard if you don’t want a very heavy look.

mettalic hues - Summer of '14- Part 1


Stay tuned for part-2 of the SS14 trends.

Stay Gorgeous xx

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