Dr. Falguni Vasavada is social media Goddess and fashionista in the true sense. In another life she is also a double gold medalist, Associate Professor of Marketing and Chairperson of Online Programs at MICA. She has a Klout score above 75 and is a social media influencer with 5000 plus followers on Facebook, 6000 on Twitter, 4000 followers on LinkedIn and 1200 plus on Instagram! And her sense of style is so on point! CB caught up with her last week. Here’s an excerpt from the chit-chat.

CB: Falguni it is amazing to have you with us today. We just love your quirky taste in fashion. How would you describe your sense of style?

FV: My sense of style would be “Comfort and ME” meaning its any style I’m comfortable in and everything that is genuinely ME. I do not believe in riding on latest fashion fads if it does not suit me. I strongly feel that you should look happy in whatever you are wearing, be it clothes or accessories and you can happily walk around only if you are comfortable and convicted about the style you are wearing 🙂         


CB: You’ve made ethnic-chic a real thing! How do you do it?

FV: Oh yes! I love ethnic clothes but love to give it a cool touch to make it look ethnic-chic. Like I love wearing saree and palazzo with quirky prints like table fan, ambassador car, horses, horns, charkha and so on. This makes people sit up and notice because no longer your attire is run of the mill. a simple look can turn uber cool with a little bit of personal touch. I also would like to mention that I self design all my clothes so it takes a lot of hard work but the result is oh so fashionable! Like I created a half and half saree from an owl print cloth that I procured from Bangalore.  


CB: What are some must haves in any girl/woman’s closet?

FV: I think it depends on an individual but still for me, must haves in my closet is – Comfortable kurta’s, palazzo, lipsticks, nail paints, bags, and fabulous earrings. I would suggest every girl/woman must create their own list based on what makes them glow but one essential thing that should be a significant part of each and every girls closet is “CONFIDENCE” because that helps you carry whatever you wear with style.


CB: How can one be stylish by spending less?

FV: I personally spend very less and yet all my clothes are stylish and unique. First, I would suggest always buy from local markets from different cities when you travel. That gives you a chance to wear the unique styles known in that area. Like I would buy South cotton and silks from the local market from Bangalore and not from any mall. Second, compare and contrast on things available online as you get lots of deals and discounts. Here I am not talking about fashion apps and sites but also about working from home designers selling through Facebook and Whatsapp. This will enable you to buy unique designs at less cost. Third, mix and match as that will create designs which are very different from what you get in markets. Like pick up a duppatta from some other dress or wear a palazzo with different kurta’s or go for that contrast blouse in your saree. For eg. I picked up my long forgotten long skirt and matched it with a kurta and stole to make my first skirt dress without paying anything!    



CB: What is your go-to styling every day? Or, how do you manage to dress up differently every single day?

FV: My Go-To-Styling everyday is low maintenance but I do dress up differently every single day. I change the style of attire or give a different touch by changing my hair do or on some occasions I am able to get into a different look simply by changing the jewelry. Every day dressing up will come naturally if you love yourself and see everyday as a new day to go and meet the world. Every day as a new day to go and meet the world. So better meet them in your best style else how will you pass over your enthusiasm? 🙂 


CB: Our tagline is “Stay Gorgeous”. Any words of wisdom for CB readers?

FV: WOW! I love your tagline! Every woman should stay gorgeous. This is important because I have seen many of my woman friends forgetting themselves in the race of life, work, children, and home. Don’t forget yourself rather rediscover and reinvent yourself by staying gorgeous – Hamesha. Another point I would like to make is the race of going size 0 commonly found among young girls. Please don’t get me wrong here. Its awesome to stay fit and healthy and one must work towards it but do not let your body type result in low confidence. Believe me, its only you who can make yourself look or sound inferior. So be happy with youself! 🙂


 CB: Thank you so much for such amazing advice and tips, Falguni.  We hope to see you soon again on CB 🙂
Stay Gorgeous xx
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