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Nothing suits a man like a suit. A well dressed elegant looking man makes a woman go crazy, or atleast thats what I personally feel. Ever since I have started watching Suits (an American legal drama), I have fallen in love with the main character – Harvey Specter <3.

That got me thinking, what does make a man stand out from the rest of the crowd? And I got my answer almost instantly, A TIE!

Another character in a suit and tie that gets my heart beating faster is Barney Stinson. Barnabus-experimentation is thy name!

barney stinson artofstyle.hucklebury - Tying the Knot

Like Barney Stinson would say-Suit up!


Most people end up wearing a normal Pratt tie. But there are only a few men who really know that there are hundred other ways of tying a knot :P. So read along if you want to style up when you are suited. We bring to you some interesting ways of tying knots which are exotic as well as elegant and at the height of their popularity.


suits harvey specter gabriel macht 21 - Tying the Knot

Harvey Specter <3

Trinity Knot

It is a highly symbolic knot which might seem complex, but is fairly a simple one. It is a symmetrical knot which is hexagonal in shape. The correct fabric for this knot would be silk, polyester and cotton. This knot will look best on classic as well as spread collared shirts.


trinity 1024x480 - Tying the Knot

Trinity knot.


trinityk - Tying the Knot

How to tie a trinity knot.



Eldredge Knot

At first glance it looks like a truly intimidating knot, and believe me, it is a complex one. But once you learn to tie this knot, it will ensure that you leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Since an eldrege knot itself is a loud one, it will be well complimented over a simple shirt or simple suit. The correct fabric for an eldrege knot would be silk, polyester and cotton. This knot will look best on classic, spread and buttoned down collar shirts.

eldredge knot - Tying the Knot

Eldredge knot.


how to tie the eldredge knot tying instructions - Tying the Knot

Steps to follow for an eldredge knot.


Fishbone Knot

It is a knot shaped in the form of a fishbone. For a fishbone tie, one will need a plain tie as a stripped tie will make the knot look unbalanced. Again the best fabrics for this knot will be silk, polyester and cotton. This knot goes with classic, narrow and buttoned down collar shirts.

fishbone - Tying the Knot

A fishbone knot.


fishbone tie knot diagram mirror2 552x1024 - Tying the Knot

Steps to follow for a fishbone knot.



Rose Knot

This is a mesmerizing knot which is shaped in the form of an actual rose and therefore the name. Silk, polyester and cotton will be the best fabrics for this knot. The collars that this tie knot will suit are classic, spread and cut away.


rose1 - Tying the Knot

A rose knot.



Atlantic Knot

This knot is basically the reverse version of a Pratt knot. It goes well with classic, narrow and buttoned down collars.

atantic - Tying the Knot

Atlantic knot.


atlantic tie knot how to tie a tie - Tying the Knot

How to tie an atlantic knot


The Van Wijk Knot

It is a cool tie which gives you a semi formal look. It generally goes best with narrow collars and a vest. The most appropriate fabric for this knot are silk, polyester, cotton and knit. The knot suits  narrow and buttoned down collar shirts the best.

van wijk - Tying the Knot

The Van-Wijk knot.

van wijk diagram - Tying the Knot

How to tie a Van-Wijk knot.


So, Gentleman, I hope to see you try at least one new type of knot. After all, women love their men to experiment, don’t they ;).

For any queries or just to say hi, write in to us as usual.

Stay Handsome 🙂

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