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So, a couple of days back I came across the trending (un-airbrushed, unedited) pictures of Cindy Crawford on the web. It’s heartening to see the “not-so-flattering-pics” getting a lot of  thumbs up and support from the mothers’ community and the world at large. We live in times where appearance matters a lot. But with everyone supporting Cindy, I feel there is still hope for us after all.

full2 768x1024 - Motherhood and the Weight Monster

Here’s how I dressed up for an Art Exhibition a couple of week ago. My usual instinct is to wear black for such dos(for obvious reasons 🙂 ) but I decided to let go and take the risk (fat or not-I don’t really care)  🙂

As a new mum, I sometimes worry about the weight I’ve put on or the unsightly stretch marks and cellulite that’s come with it. Some readers and friends have written in and asked, how I am getting rid of the extra kilos or how I am dealing with the depression that comes with looking unattractive-dry and sagging skin, excessive hair fall (albeit for a short period but painful nevertheless). It drives me crazy at times, (I haven’t lost any weight in the last couple of months, infact, with Iy’s nursing requirements at an all time high, I seem to be putting on more and more) but I know I will deal with all this in good time. Right now I am taking it as an opportunity (and an excuse) to eat whatever I want 🙂


You can start working out after about 6 weeks of delivery provided your stitches have healed whether you had a vag delivery or a C-section. In fact, do not start heavy workout without taking a go ahead from your gynaec under any circumstances. I began with Yoga  6 weeks after delivery (under supervision) and go running once a week. I am taking it slow because I am enjoying the downtime. You can speed it up if you would like but not without your doc’s permission.

side 768x1024 - Motherhood and the Weight Monster

The bag is a Godsent! It looks great and is so roomy I used it as Iy’s diaper bag!

As far as the diet it considered, you need alteast 1800-2200 calories a day while you are exclusively breastfeeding the baby. (Please note that this is the bare minimum requirement. You may need more depending on the number of times your baby feeds.) But that doesn’t mean you have a free ticket to eat whatever you want. Apart from the empty calories, you also run the risk of not passing enough nutrients to the baby through the milk. That said, do indulge your sweet tooth or your deep fried food cravings every now and then. As I see it, give in to your cravings now because once the baby is 6 months old and you have a lot of pressure to reduce the extra weight, these guilty pleasures will have to vanish completely. Only caveat being- you should know when to say enough! Include a lot of green veggies, proteins and liquids in your diet while you nurse but make sure to give the baby a taste of your favourite food items also by incorporating them in your regular food.

bag shoes 768x1024 - Motherhood and the Weight Monster

I could only dare wear heels because K was coming along and would have managed Iy. Otherwise Iy and heels- very bad combination 🙂

Women go through a lot of changes with age and child birth be it physically, emotionally or hormonally. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fit into your old clothes yet or you don’t like the way you are looking these days. However, don’t also use this as an excuse to sit on that extra weight forever. Incorporate easy work outs into your routine and slowly increase the intensity. Get your act together as soon as the baby is not exclusively breastfed and follow a proper diet. Keep reading this corner for more advice on the same.

jewelry 768x1024 - Motherhood and the Weight Monster

Skirt: Stalk Buy Love
Balloon Top: Thrifted
Ear rings: The Trunk Label
Cuff: Promod
Heels: H & M
Bag: Stalk Buy Love

Wardrobe Credits:

Skirt: Stalk Buy Love (Buy)

Bag: Stalk Buy Love (Buy)

The Suri Ear-rings: The Trunk Label (Buy)

This is what Binaifer Lalkaka, Founder Hot Momz has to say about weight loss for new mums:

Relaxin, a hormone is released during pregnancy and remains in your blood  for about 12 – 18 months post birth so joints remain unstable. Just about ‘any’ exercise won’t do. Proper POSTPARTUM exercises are a must. Please remember the following-

 – The more you delay getting back to shape after birth, the harder it becomes.
 – The 6 and 8 packs you see on actors is a pair of muscles on your mid section- they separate during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby.
 -Postpartum exercises help tone these back.
 –Kegels are very important. You should do atleast 100 a day, whether you had a natural birth or c-sec.
-Core training and balance & stability exercises are very important. Toning exercises for hip area and chest exercises like correct and modified pushups to avoid sagging.
 P.S>- Binaifer runs a program called “Purani Jeans” for new mums which is an attempt to get women back to their pre-partum shape and jeans size.

Do write in if you have anymore questions or to share your experiences. We would love to hear from you.

Stay Gorgeous xx

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