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My absolute and unwavering love for jewelry can be traced back to my pre-adolscent years. When I would quietly tip-toe to my mum’s closet, open her trinket box and try the pretty pieces in all shapes and sizes, look at my bejewelled form in the mirror, smile, blush and dream of the day when I would be old enough to wear them for real. I love jewelry..I really do! I am sure you do too. But, doesn’t it get all confusing at times? So many types, sizes, metals, finishes, it’s mind boggling to say the least.

There is no shortcut to jewelry shopping. Worse if it’s for your trousseau. But, I only say this pedantically. Jewelry shopping even with all it’s complexities, is always fun! I decided to share a quick guide of some must have pieces this bridal season. An out of the box collection for your jewelry box if you may ;).

Over Sized Jhumkas:



Gone are the days of over-doing your bridal attire with pieces and pieces of jewelry. This year is all about minimalism. One statement piece and you are all set. Over-sized jhumkas that graze your shoulders are everything this season. Team them with an off-shoulder/one-shoulder gown/blouse/choli and an updo so that they form the centre of attention and so does your pretty face.

Wedding Event: Brunch, Cocktail, Reception

Tip: A natural golden tan on your shoulders and upper arms will add to the overall look.

Head Piece



A maang-tikka is not a new accessory for any bride-to-be. This infact is one of the first pieces you add to your jewelry box when you go trousseau shopping. However, why buy the boring head pieces when you can have fun with multi-strand tikkas, Mohawk style maang tikkas, paasas or third-eyes and the very rustic borlas. They will go very well with both traditional and indo-western outfits.

Wedding Event: Mehendi

Tip: If you pick a statement maang-tikka for your bridal soiree make sure you go for dramatic eye makeup since the focus of the ensemble is going to be the top half of your face.

Floral Route


Florals are all the rage this season. While flowery prints and motifs may have been done to death by every designer this year, wearing actual flowers as jewelry may still be one of the most unique trends. From ‘tribal route’ of stringing up flowers and leaves and wearing them to ‘environmental’ designer jewellery– there is exquisite stuff being made out of dry leaves and flowers and even kesar which is either laminated or crushed and used to make jewellery. It is all very pretty and contemporary and yet so vintage! (Apparently Sita Maiyya from Ramayana wore Floral jewelry for her wedding!)

Wedding Event: Save the Date/ Pre-bridal Shoot

Tip: It’s always better to keep the look toned down with floral jewelry whether it’s the makeup or hair. “Natural” beauty is the look you should go for.

Chunky Gold Bangles


I would like to say they’ve made a comeback this season but the truth is, they never went out of vogue. Especially as far as bridal jewelry is concerned. Whether you team them with a modern outfit or a traditional one, they’ll enhance the look and make it very wedding-y. One hand, both hands, mis-matched, you will never run out of styles to wear your clangy bangles.

Wedding Event: Sangeet

Tip: Ditch the choodis or glass bangles for a royal look. Just go with the chunky gold ones.  

Statement Necklace


If I had the option of picking just one piece of jewelry, I will go with this! A statement necklace is so versatile it goes with just about any outfit (whether it’s a drab t-shirt or a sparkly choli) and can brighten up your look in a jiffy. It is probably the most talked about bridal jewelry trend this year. Pair it with a gown for your cocktail or a lehenga for the sangeet ceremony and let it work it’s magic.

Wedding Event: Cocktail, Sangeet

Tip: Pairing the necklace with off-shoulder dresses is oh- so- passé. I would style the necklace with a high neck crop top with the length just about grazing my mid-riff.



From time immemorial (or atleast since Jodha-Akbar), nose ring or nath has formed an important part of the wedding attire for Indian brides. All it takes is a big yet dainty nose ring to add to the vintage charm of a bride. I remember checking my mum and grandmum’s wedding pics years ago and swooning over their naths. Even with all the modernization of the entire wedding festivities, the nath depicts a small part of the heritage and opulence of our culture.

Wedding Event: Main event, pheras

Tip: Raid your grand mum’s jewel box and wear a hand-me-down nath. Quite like a fine wine, it is the only piece of jewelry that becomes more exquisite with time.

Hope you liked my top picks of wedding trinkets and you are atleast one step closer to your trousseau shopping. The best part about all these pieces is that instead of turning into locker jewelry that you will wear once and forget about, they’ll go with just about anything in your closet.


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