By : Juhi Bansal

Last weekend we had ace photographer Sonal Agarwal over for a tête-à-tête at the CB pad and boy was it fun! Apart from the giggly, gossipy evening full of silly discussions around men, fashion and food we managed to get some tips for our camera shy friends who feel they “don’t photograph well”.

Giggles and Mischief

Giggles and Mischief

Sonal is a photographer and an entrepreneur who recently shifted base to Ahmedabad. Her USP is to make people look good (check out the pics for yourself).

Excerpts from the chat:

JB: Sonal tell us about your style statement. Is there a difference in your approach when you are dressing up for a party vis-à-vis work or just an evening out?

SA: I wear clothes that flatter my body type. Being comfortable is of utmost importance to me. Being a photographer, I travel a lot. So mostly loose Arabian pants or skinny fit soft fabric pants paired with tank tops.

For parties, I love to go glittery. From footwear to head accessories. If the attire is not glittery
then definitely some dash of it here and there via accessories.


Getting ready for much to do, such little time!

Getting ready for work….so much to do, such little time!

Sonal in traditional gear, accessorizing herself

Sonal in traditional gear, accessorizing herself

Dressed for a work cum fun shoot

Dressed for a work cum fun shoot

All set to party

All set to party

Break from work doesn't mean break from fashion

Break from work doesn’t mean break from fashion

JB: Sonal a lot of my friends here (including me sometimes) feel we don’t look good on camera. More often than not even when the camera is extremely high-res, the pics turn out to be really bad. We would love to get a few tips from you on how to pose etc.

SA: The most flattering pose is to stand diagonally or a little slanted from the camera. Never face the cam flatly like you would do for a passport size photo.

Another small trick to look good in photo: Try facing the light. Tilt your face upwards or sideways
towards the source of light.. a ceiling light or tubelight or street light.. It works better than the
best of ‘glowing skin’ creams on TV <wink>


That’s all from CB and Sonal for now. We would have a lot more of Sonal on CB going forward. Write into us for any specific photography related questions.

If you would like to be photographed by her, visit her on and  These services cover photography solutions for different phases of one’s life- from newborn baby’s first memories to weddings and fashion portfolios.

You can also check out her facebook page here

Stay Gorgeous xx

Photo Credit: Photowali

Location: CB Pad


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