By : Juhi Bansal

Pumpkin, coral, tangerine, carrot, saffron, amber, papaya…there are more than 50 shades of Orange.

But orange being the vibrant color it is, there is a very thin line between going OTT and using it to your advantage.

Work clothes tend to get monochromatic and drab for most of us. While, scarves are the most common way to bring a little color to the boring work ensemble, I decided to wear a chunky coral necklace from Urban Turban to shake things up a bit. Does it give the desired effect?

just a spot of color can add so much to the look

just a spot of color can add so much to the look

Black Dress:AND Jacket: IORA, S'pore Bag: ZARA Suede Pumps: H&M Necklace: Urban Turban

Black Dress:AND
Jacket: IORA, S’pore
Suede Pumps: H&M
Necklace: Urban Turban Photographer untitled-22 22

LBDs are the staple party attire for women across the world. I swear by them. I have atleast 15 of them and it’s still not enough! Accessorizing an LBD is equal parts fun and tricky.

I wore a black peplum dress from H&M for a house party we hosted a few days back. Since, I wanted the attention majorly on the peplum detail; I decided to not go with chunky jewelry. A Kokkommo clutch in deep rust-orange came to my rescue. I was feeling a bit under-dressed so I accessorized with a sole metallic ear-cuff from Urban Turban.

Peplum Dress-H&M Clutch-Kokkommo Don't miss the gorgeous ear cuff

Peplum Dress-H&M
Don’t miss the gorgeous ear cuff

Ear Cuff-Urban Turban

Ear Cuff-Urban Turban

The next post has some friends participate in the orange-monochrome theme. Stay tuned!

Do write to us for specific shopping and styling queries or just to give feedback.


Stay Gorgeous xx

Location:CB Pad

Pics: Photowali


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