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Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

How to Love Yourself?

By Juhi Bansal As women we are programmed to be our own critics. We find faults with almost everything -our bodies, complexion, skin, weight, you..

Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Breaking Fashion Rules and (Over) Analyzing Some Frivolous Controversies :)

By Juhi Bansal So, I am in the mood for something “frivolous” today. After, I got back from my vacation I’ve been catching up on..

Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Feeling Glum? Here’s How You Can Deal With it!

By : Juhi Bansal It was one of those days. You know when nothing seems to be going right. And you just can’t to seem to..

Outfit of the Week, Trends

Geek Chic Much?

By : Juhi Bansal I have never been comfortable wearing spectacles especially when I am dressing up. Like most women I prefer my contact lenses to..

Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

In All Fairness……

By : Juhi Bansal I grew up listening to people around me talk about the colour of skin being the most important thing. In fact, for..

My Struggle with Motherhood, Outfit of the Week, Yummy Mummy

Motherhood and the Weight Monster

By : Juhi Bansal Read my other experiments with new motherhood here. So, a couple of days back I came across the trending (un-airbrushed, unedited) pictures..

Outfit of the Week

Glam-ing it up in Denims!

By : Juhi Bansal I often hear my friends (and family) say-“Oh! I didn’t feel like dressing up so I just threw on a jeans”. I..

Outfit of the Week

Accessorizing for the Rainy Season

By : Juhi Bansal K&I went on this awesome weekend trip to Udaipur last month. It was almost six months since our last vacation and we..


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