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I’ve ranted enough on the blog. So, I thought I’ll do something fun today. Because of my job profile, it is natural for most people to assume I am a compulsive shopper who spends all her money on stuff for her closet. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  1. I agree, I am a shopaholic! But, it’s more like window shopaholism. No seriously, I can spend hours browsing through stores, window shopping etc, but I very very rarely pick stuff up for myself.
  2. I don’t like to go for shopping with an agenda. Some of my favorite pieces are impulse purchases.
  3. I avoid having company while shopping. I am such a conscientious shopper that it takes me trips to ten different stores before I pick something up. I don’t like to be hurried and I also turn out to be very bad company when I shop.
  4. I need a shopping day whenever and wherever K and I are travelling.  All ALONE! I just browse through stores, flea markets, malls etc with just a piddly item at the end of it!
  5. I am not label or brand conscious. I just look for eclectic pieces that add to my collection. I am as much a flea market bargain hunter as a high street/ designer label shopper.
  6. New shopping destinations make me happy- even if I don’t end up buying anything. It’s just the rush I get from checking out new collections, designers or just the shoppers! That reminds me- I haven’t gone out shopping in Ahmedabad in ages!
  7. My shopping plan has evolved so much over the last few years! I now look for investment pieces (doesn’t necessarily mean expensive though) that I can get multiple wears out of (and I don’t even mind styling the same item again and again in my ensemble), rather than stuff I can only wear once.
  8. I don’t like to take second opinions. If I’ve bought something, chances are I’ve already done enough mulling over it and I know I want that piece- so I don’t like to take approvals from friends, family or even K. I take pride in my choice!
  9. I don’t mind spending on shoes- because I never throw them away. I have pairs going back as much as 10 years (that’s when I started earning and could afford to buy good quality shoes). Plus, no matter how much weight you put on, your shoe always fits, right? 🙂
  10. I don’t have a shopping wishlist. I mean of course everyone wishes they had a non-stop supply of latest fashion (and that pigs could fly) but there isn’t anything that I really really wish I had. 

I am no saint! I just think that I’ve evolved as a shopper over the last few years. Also, I do get inundated with gifts from partners so a part of the shopping requirement gets fulfilled there. However, I feel there is now a sense of contentment in me as far as fashion is concerned. I am completely in terms with what I have and what I can afford. An upcoming event doesn’t send me into a frenzy to scrape together an ensemble anymore!

Last week I dressed up for an evening do. Now, chikankari like most people my age get associated with cotton salwar kurta and sarees with thread embroidery. I grew up watching my mom take pride in wearing chikankari and no my MIL. But, I could never bring myself to donning it. I needed a modern cut and a softer fabric. offers a Wide range of Exquisite Handcrafted Lucknawi Chikankari Embroidery not only in its traditional look but also fusioned in Modern Designs keeping in mind the comfort of wearing the style. I chose to wear this half n half midi pure georgette dress with intricate chikankari and cuts that compliment my body. I love the outfit!







You can check them out on FB, Twitter and Insta

Since it was a formal evening do, I decided to keep my accessories to a minimum and wore these contemporary pair from Silvense. I did decide to wear my bracelet from House of Tuhina like a palm cuff. Can’t follow norm too much, can I? Both of these were part of my May MEB Jewelry Box. 


Do write in! Stay Gorgeous xx


Outfit: c/o CraftKorner

Earrings: Silvense Jewelry c/o MEB

Palm Cuff: Bracelet from House of Tuhina c/o MEB


Harsh Dabhi Photography

Harsh Dabhi

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